Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Uncle @ Station

Buttercup says: One shall not be selfish, else, will be "fish-ed".

I almost reached the station and out of a sudden, an uncle in his late 40s gushing through the crowd, pushing people here and there and reached by the door, where I was standing.

"This fellow sure wanna catch the taxi early and hence, so rude to the rest of the people.", I thought.

"Ding Dong! Ding Dong!" The doors opens and I decided to have a lil' game with him. I walked as fast as he was. And when we reached the stairs, I let him go first, and then, I sped up and caught up with him and eventually faster than him. This uncle got nervous and he started to walked even faster.

The moment he touched the ground, as if the 100m dash event started, he ran like a Olympic champion while I'm just walking slowly like nothing happened. He was so happily thinking that I've lost to him and he turned back and laughed at me.

"Jeng Jeng Jeng!!" Something caught his attention. I was tens of meters away from him, and walking slowly. I smiled at him. And not only me. The people behind me were laughing too. And guess what, you can see his face turned like a tomato and again, he is lost in sight.


Porcupine said...

Kenny The Botak (Level 3.5) has pawned Old Uncle The Runner's head for 305 gold!

Old Uncle The Runner (Level 16) has fallen!


Samuel said...

.... jeff must had lost to me until crazy d.. lol

i still very blur.. how come the uncle so wanna win racing with you ar...

buttercup said...


haha! I bet u level 16 also lost to sam who's at 3.5. hahaha!!!

He wanted to get to the taxi stand first, and he pushed so many ppl. So I ma make it like i'm rushing with him lo. mana tau he really go race. muahahahahah!

and FYI, I don't take taxi unless it's late in the night. I walk back home. LOL!

JUN XUE said...

Hahhahah! Nice one Kenny! LOL Padan muka him .. hahaha!

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