Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Innocent Boy

Am I that innocent?

It seems that lately, people are trying to take advantage(s) on/from me. Even over the phone.

On Monday, I went to that Chinese stall again in order to buy something less oily. I just took a small portion of steam egg and very little vege.

"How much?"

"3 Ringgit only, hehe!"

"So expensive, I don't want.", I left the packet of rice there and I left(*clap clap*, finally I've done it after so many times I say I want to do so!).

"Wah!!! 3 Ringgit only expensive meh?!?! Where got expensive O~~~", while she's showing the packet of rice to her colleague with her big-jumping-out-eye-balls staring at me.

You might think that, "WTF?! 3 Ringgit only also can't pay ar?"

FYI, I went to an Indian stall, taking a slightly more portion and guess how much is it? RM 2.30.

The numbers say it all.


Today in the evening.

A couple on the line. The wife was directing the husband on what to say(and i hear it loud and clear). It's pretty much like the Ms L case, if you remember.

Oh, also got one Malay guy, calling on behalf of the wife also, same gang with Ms L.


Note to myself: Probably I should get HP to have this nomination for Best Actor/Actress/Couple/Story and Best Director.

p/s: I've got myself a compliment e-mail from one of my customer today, too. Finally after 2.5 months, my hard work didn't go to waste. Although I don't think I'll be there for the ceremony, but I'm happy enough. =D

Today, after off duty, in LRT.

"Hey man. How are you today?"


"Which way are you going? Kelana Jaya or Wangsa Maju?"

"Wangsa Maju."

"Oh yeah. You think TAR college still open now? I guess it's closed rite? Do you have extra train fare?"


"Do you understand what is train fare?"

"Yes. I'm using the monthly pass.", while showing off my shiny little *twink*monthly pass*twink* to him.

He shut-ed up-ed and was left behind.


Dear Santa,

It is very/pretty/kinda/totally obvious that I've been VERY GOOD this year and it seems that it's written ON MY FACE and even my charming voice. And the people of the floor had agreed too.

So... My wish... Have you granted it?

Thank you and have a nice day. Hope you're not too tired from yesterday and still able to read my message.


p/s: I can't even sign in to Live Messenger or eBuddy. I wonder if Microsoft's server kena attack or what.

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