Saturday, December 15, 2007

CF @ Masa SegiEmpat

And yeah, out of a sudden, made up my mind to go to this CF a.k.a. Comic Fiesta in Times Square. Reached there quite late and met See Wah, and she's cosplaying with Su Sien too! Before going in there, feeling hungry despite the branch that I took, went to Kenny Roger's for the FIRST TIME.

Seriously, being named Kenny, this is my first time here.

This is nice

Welcome to CF 2007

Su Sien, See Wah and their gang posing

See Wah a.k.a. Rinali

Su Sien a.k.a. Rabi

And this is what I like, taking people taking others' pictures

Inoue and dunno-who

And everyone came and see her. She's the center of attraction (one of it)

Then only I realised she's drawing, totally computerised, no papers, no pens, by HP

And this is what it eventually become and it still not completed

And saw that bare-back lady? She's the man! Yes, the MAN.

And I think Pirates of the Carribeans get lost easily on lands

Here we have ANBUs from Naruto

I like this pic, felt so professional! LOL!

And this one too! See Wah's the model

And yeah, attending to a CF is also my first time. RM10 per unlimited-for-one-day-entry. Their costume costs them averagely RM 240, excluding of their weapons. Hmmm, maybe I should try cosplay next year. :p


Jun XUe said...


I didn't know see wah is into cosplay too... hhhahah!

hm hm one more very important thing

And that's your shop man.. you should go more often

HHhahah I like the Anbu kakashi.

LOL your photography skills is slowly improving.


buttercup said...

LOL, she's a big fan of anime too!

And Kenny Roger's really my first time. T_T. Just go in there, say Kenny ask me come and eat one. Then you can get to already. And inside there, they just kept shouting "Kenny! Kenny!", and I kept on turning to them. =.=

And yeah that ANBU Kakashi damn yeng!

And I want a DSLR!!

NeKo-Ch@n said...

Hey, supposedly u get to eat free rite? How come u still need to pay?? XD

NeKo-Ch@n said...

Hey, supposedly u get to eat free rite? How come u still need to pay?? XD

Samuel said...

walao... so geng man..

ButTeRcUp said...

to neko-chan:

Well, i'm the founder, i'm the consumer, pay a lil to make the profit margin a lil higher also can rite? so more ppl will buy my company's share ma. hahahaha!!


you all should go too! hahah!

Riku_sien said... took so many pics i also dunno...haha....
damn la, first day didn't take many pics...i had to hold that stupid hammer... my cosplay group's photographer..!! i like the rinali pics you took..and cecille's pics too...(the orange outfit girl)

anyways, it was fun there..haha...and long time didn't see you liao, suddenly let you see my noob face lydat...aish...paiseh betul....

ButTeRcUp said...


hahahaha! really? can I be one?! hahahahaha! really or not wo? LOL. actually those are lucky shots also cos get to stand at the correct place. hahahaha!!

It's my pleasure. but u gotta let me know some time in advance b4 the events wo.

MyKy said...

Shit.... i definitely hope the bunch of kids i saw the other day at Times Square are from cosplays...

I saw a girl, around 14 or 15 years of age, wearing a mini skirt, fish net stocking, and with gutter!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha!!! I don't remember seeing her there wo.... LOL!

buttercup said...

hahahahaha!!! I don't remember seeing her there wo.... LOL!

Samuel said...

err.. myky u read porn magazine too much until hallucinating d la.. haha

buttercup said...

LOL!! ahahhaha! I got he has alr got his plastic pieces tht costs him 200+? gundam so fun meh?

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