Sunday, December 30, 2007

Damn Nice Saturday!

Friday was my last day in HP. Took some pictures of it.

Morning sky of Olympia Tower @ 7.26am

This is the tag that have been working with me for the past 2.5 months

And yeah, this is my workdesk

I find that my eyes are sexy and seducing. Just kidding. I rarely camwhore and I find this picture weird

Oh! See that cap? My boss gave it to me as sourvenier

And this is the last refill from HP's water dispenser.

This is part of the lift

Went to back Klang on Friday night and have an unexpected but super-damn-nice Saturday morning. After so long didn't do training properly, I would say that I'm still at a OK-level.

Went to school early morning and met some of the teachers as they are having annual meetings. Met Mdm Chong, Puan Wong, Pn Indira, just to name a few.

When Mdm Chong saw me, she said :"Hey, how are you doing? You've been prosperous it seems."

"Err.. yeah. I am. Lacking of exercise. LOL." (=.="')

In school's training, sir out of a sudden have sparring session. Firstly was one on one, then 1 on 2, and then 1 on 3. And amazingly enough, for me at least, I can still barely handle 1 on 3 Black Belts! Muahahaha! But one thing for sure. It's darn tiring and I can't last long fight, unless I train back. Else, I'll have to end a fight ASAP.

After class, Kim Huat, Wai Loon, my sister, Yvone and me went to Kim Huat's Taekwondo Center to have some sparrring/fighting sessions.

The sparring vests that we are using

Sand bag in Kim Huat's center

Workout equipments

Sparring vests, focusing pads, and so on

Mirror for you to check your stances and movements

The Taekwondo's Way

Boxing - Wai Loon and I

Kim Huat and I, bullied him nicely cause he still no experience in it. But in time to come, might be different story

KickBoxing - Wai Loon and Kim Huat, I can't get to rotate this video T_T

KickBoxing - Kim Huat and I

KickBoxing - Wai Loon and I. I fought well in the starting part. Until the 38th second, I got a kick from him, a super powerful kick that in real tournament, I can be considered as KO-ed. Damn powerful kick

My gloves in red and Wai Loon's in black

Found this cute little rabbit in Wai Loon's house.


And yeah, these are only part of the external injuries. Part.


Jun Xue said...


wahh i like the videos. wahhahah geng chaoz.. wo much to train.

Woo those pictures are nice too.. hahah usually i also feel like taking that kind of pics, but pai seh.. hahaha!

buttercup said...

lol.. i think the pictures this time a bit funny. LOL... try to take more and learn lo.. me also like tht.. and now my whole body also pain..

still haven recover.

Porcupine said...

Become more prosperous?
Don't remind me...
I was the "God Of Fortune" for my Uni's last Pesta Ang Pau...

Min Soon said...

Wooh nice fighting videos !

Kenny obviously using your bigger size to charge and attack people. Where's the sidestep...!? D:

In that 38th second did wailoon use his knee in his so called powerful kick o_O ?

buttercup said...


haahah! ur case diff!!!

min soon:

no no... i'm using my advantage against their advantage. they have the speed. so i can't do side steps fast cos i'll get hit also.

bruce lee always says, the best defense is to offense. and i believe that it's true. =p

JX said...

Hahhah your body mass to geng chaoz d.. our blows mean nothing to you. We cannot afford to 'eat' even one of your blows it seems.. LOL.

buttercup said...

LOL... ok ok! i'm cutting down on those!! LOL!

Samuel said...

becoming "prosperous" is a good thing...

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