Saturday, January 24, 2009

Balik Kampong

Yoyo! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Very very sorry for the no-update thingy. Kinda busy lately. Wokay, just to let you all know that I will be away for quite some time, and, with no internet connection.

So, just stay tuned. Perhaps you can drop by again on NEXT FRIDAY or Saturday for updates. Haha!


Monday, January 19, 2009

I Still Love Skies

Just a random post.

I like this sky

Oh ya. I got promoted to Director in my company.
Nah. Just kidding. Someone sent a card to my company but wrong designation

This is what I like to see after I took pictures of people

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mythbuster Case Closed!

Ladies & Gentlemen, you're about to read something that is highly classified. Be sure that you do not SPREAD this to anyone.

Malaysia Mythbuster Research Classified - Class 1 Act 1945, Case 09.0001

Latest update! All threads are deleted in the name of "Closed for Good" by author.

Blackmailed... really reminds me a lot back in highschool time.

Note to myself: I was pissed off because it's very very misleading of those threads. May people live in truth, and of course, a bit of white lies.

*stamping a stamp* CASE CLOSED


Friday, January 16, 2009

Ghost Researcher? It's Just For Your Amusement

Edited! Heavily!

You know? All these while we have people calling themselves Wizards and Witch, Mythbusters and Ghostbusters? Today, I wanna introduce you the whole new Mythbuster --- The B-cup! (Only available in this episode, unless, that particular "ghost" flame me up!)

Like all other photography lovers, we often surf websites and forums to look for new ideas to add into our inspiration. I came acrossed something like this today in some forums.

Hmmmm. I thought it might be something interesting. Something that will catch my attention and make me feel hairy. Alas, something rather disappointed.

It was "A" who started off the thread by posting numerous pictures of spiritual energy and supercharged orbs(yeah rite!). The first picture itself that I see, it already give me that kind of feeling that IT'S DAMN FUCKING FAKE!

I went on looking at all the pictures he posted. Oh Gosh! They are all of the same pattern!!! Using the same technique(that is if I were correct and he's faking it, I still believe that they are all fucking FAKE!)!

In the thread, someone actually questioned him. He replied that he had been doing this kind of research since 12 years ago.

12 years of night photography experience

Then in the website's header, it's stated there "Researching the unknown since 2007". o.O? 2007? I thought it was like 12 years ago? Nevermind. Let's keep it going on.

"Researching the unknown since 2007"

In the following print screen, it's actually the FAQ from his website. It stated at the answer portion for S3, "Sepanjang 4 tahun dalam kajian paranormal secara solo..."

4 years of research

EXCUSE ME!? I thought it's supposed to be 12 years, again? Or since 2007? That was like barely 2 years?

Now, I believe the next print screen is his true purpose.

"Macha! Please buy my book dey! It's only RM1000 per book, limited edition, 100 books only. We believe it's worth it"
He mentioned WE BELIEVE =.=

I just hate it when people try to make business that way. And most importantly, I hate it when people trying to fake things!

His version of "supercharged orbs"

My version of "supercharged orb"

p/s: Oppsy... I got a "blackmail" from him. Legal action will be taken. LOL! Nevermind. I'm clean now. *winks* see that "Son of a Bitch" on the right? Yeap.. that's..... Did I say him? No rite? Wokay.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pop Quiz!

Here's something for you to move your blains a bit. Be sure that you're honest and answer this with your juicy blains. Here's the question:

There's 100% shares between A & B. A & B agreed to give C 2.5% each, hence, a total of 5%.

Now, A wants that no matter what happenes, B + C's shares will not be more than that of A's.

What is the minimum percentage of the share that A must have, in order to have at least 1% extra of the total shares of B & C? (State the total shares that A, and B's shares, eg. A = 5%, B = 5%)





Got the answer already? Hmmmm... Guess not eh? Press Ctrl + A for answer now.

Here's the answer boys & girls. It's 53% of shares that A must have; B is having 47% of shares. Still don't understand? Let me know.

p/s: Reply in comment if you get the answer, honestly. Haha!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Had A Dream: Dream Are Always Opposite From The Reality

*Imagine I'm writing this on the 12th January 2009*

Yesterday, I had a dream. I had a dream that, inside the dream, everything went so well that I even thought it was really happening when I woke up.

After some time after I woke up, I just realised that, like what others always say, "Dreams are always opposite from the reality".

I might have given up on a certain things but, I will never give up on myself. YOSH!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Minolta AF 50mm F1.7 Prime Lense

I got this poison from Wingz not too long ago. I had did a little bit of research and Wingz introduce me to Dinosaur.

The first time I contacted Dino, it was rather a disappointed one. He told me "Stock sudah habis". I was almost heart broken. Days later I received a sms. It reads, "I got 1 50mm f1.7. Can view tomorrow if interested". So what you think? Sure la interested!

So I went there and met him. Dino is a damn good guy. I was afraid that he might cheat me cos' I'm still a noobie in photography. But it happened to be the opposite. He ACTUALLY taught me how to buy lense. Something I had NEVER expected from him.

So, here goes, my new born, the Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm F1.7 Prime Lense.

This lense might be much elder than I am

I really love the bokeh it produces

Needless to say, another RM550 gone.

Photoshooting @ FRIM

First of all, thanks to Lay Theng and Sih Han for becoming my models. This time, we went to Forest Research Institute Malaysia(FRIM) for photoshooting. For those who are interested, kindly write in to FRIM to ask for permission to shoot for free, else, you're gonna pay RM100.00 for photoshooting.

So I was shooting them, then got la some people in the government sector got nothing to do, come by and ask if I have permits and things like that. Definitely I have all the permissions I need from the person-in-charge. Guess what? He forgot that I'm coming today and have yet to clear the security for me. Wasted so much of my time.

Now, back to topic. I must say that both of my models really did their homework very well. They have all kind of unexpected pose, that I had never thought of having. Let's talk less and see the pictures.

1: Lay Theng

2: Sih Han


4: This is new inspiration for Jimmy Choo. Just in case you're reading this, we would like RM100,000 of loyalty and 10% of commision of your annual sales for similar design

5: This is the proof that I'm being "carried" from place to place just to clear the security

6: Sih Han becoming the photographer










16: I think it's a very professional pose



19: This one too! Just like that one from ANTM

20: Have a break!


22: I just love the sunlight at this time!





27: "Cut!! Again again!"






Now, the last five pictures I think, are part of my best shots and I like these few more because it has got some kind of feel.

33: Carpet

34: Do you prefer this one?

35: Or this one?

36: Finally! A picture of me!

37: I like this one best! My current wallpaper!

Comments are welcome. Thanks once again Lay Theng & Sih Han!

p/s: I'm going to Kelana Jaya later. And most probably I'll be spending RM550.oo plus minus to buy something. Stay tuned!
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