Friday, January 16, 2009

Ghost Researcher? It's Just For Your Amusement

Edited! Heavily!

You know? All these while we have people calling themselves Wizards and Witch, Mythbusters and Ghostbusters? Today, I wanna introduce you the whole new Mythbuster --- The B-cup! (Only available in this episode, unless, that particular "ghost" flame me up!)

Like all other photography lovers, we often surf websites and forums to look for new ideas to add into our inspiration. I came acrossed something like this today in some forums.

Hmmmm. I thought it might be something interesting. Something that will catch my attention and make me feel hairy. Alas, something rather disappointed.

It was "A" who started off the thread by posting numerous pictures of spiritual energy and supercharged orbs(yeah rite!). The first picture itself that I see, it already give me that kind of feeling that IT'S DAMN FUCKING FAKE!

I went on looking at all the pictures he posted. Oh Gosh! They are all of the same pattern!!! Using the same technique(that is if I were correct and he's faking it, I still believe that they are all fucking FAKE!)!

In the thread, someone actually questioned him. He replied that he had been doing this kind of research since 12 years ago.

12 years of night photography experience

Then in the website's header, it's stated there "Researching the unknown since 2007". o.O? 2007? I thought it was like 12 years ago? Nevermind. Let's keep it going on.

"Researching the unknown since 2007"

In the following print screen, it's actually the FAQ from his website. It stated at the answer portion for S3, "Sepanjang 4 tahun dalam kajian paranormal secara solo..."

4 years of research

EXCUSE ME!? I thought it's supposed to be 12 years, again? Or since 2007? That was like barely 2 years?

Now, I believe the next print screen is his true purpose.

"Macha! Please buy my book dey! It's only RM1000 per book, limited edition, 100 books only. We believe it's worth it"
He mentioned WE BELIEVE =.=

I just hate it when people try to make business that way. And most importantly, I hate it when people trying to fake things!

His version of "supercharged orbs"

My version of "supercharged orb"

p/s: Oppsy... I got a "blackmail" from him. Legal action will be taken. LOL! Nevermind. I'm clean now. *winks* see that "Son of a Bitch" on the right? Yeap.. that's..... Did I say him? No rite? Wokay.


rumiko kato said...


chuck said...

u make the picture urself?

buttercup said...

rumiko: thanks for visiting!

Chuck: yeah i made the last pic myself.

your nightmare said...

hye, thanks for the comments about my website...i appreciate what you think about it...hope you find a better way to lead will face it soon...u r messing with a goverment body which is approved..count your days kid....u r gonna face the truth and the consequences soon....

seriously u dont know any bullshit about paranormal kid...

buttercup said...

your nightmare:
i'm... scared... really..

nick said...

wow, didn't know our gov. funded a paranormal research center. want to threaten people lagi. so what are you gonna do? send some of yer new found ghostly *friends* to make buttercup piss in his pants??
*smacks forehead*


buttercup said...


aj said...

hye kind regards, please delete all the pics , because all its right protected and you are going against it and challenging you know how serious it telling you kindly to remove it.

duo said...

buttercup .. becareful..ISA coming ady.. run!

buttercup said...

rest assure,those pics had been heavily edited.

aj said...

we will not tolerate telling u again to remove it i will take serious action ....

please understand..

buttercup said...

hi aj,
thank you very much for staying around for such long time. I'm tired and need to sleep.

Have a nice day.

nick said...


Wen-Dick said...

So Aj, Which department of government are you from...
Who is incharge? Are you?
So the pictures are well protected by copy rights or patent..
Which intellectual property law are you try to clarify? Please define them and give me a reasonable meaning to support your claim.
Under what section is your picture is copy righted. Give me the serial number of your patent or documents to proove it and send me a letter of acknowledgement for it.
The pictures are taken. So what?
What makes us think that you're not taking it from someone else without permission as well?
If you don't wish to let people to use them, then don't publish them in the internet.

May God Bless You with your future replies.
Think before you act is a pretty nice sentence for you to learn.
I bet you don't even encounter what is Intellectual Property.

aj said...

im not stupid as you are wen dick.....haha..didnt know u r making a fool out of yourself...why should i even bother to talk someone who is a cork talker like you....hope you can shut your mouth and dont interfere out my man..if i ever see you ....u r gonna pay the price....and my part here has ended...i will not post comments any more.....

i do accept all of your peoples comments....but i was angry its because that you posted all the pics and that hurts a lot ....and if i ever hurt anyone with any words which is not polite, im deeply sorry...anyway..maybe you might think that all the pics are fake...well its up to you..but according to me , thats how spirits manifests.and its not due to long exposure or what so ever....when we take those shots , there were no light soure at all...but anyway...nice to know all of you all least there some people who are giving their opinions based on their true not here to publicity or what so ever by promoting books..that book was actually writen by someone els as imim just helping him to promote...thats all but u said that im actually here to sell and make money...thats was hurting too...but its ok...i dont wish to argue anymore cause that will just make both of us angry and here goes.....

thanks for everything u have said...with love, peace and soul.....


buttercup said...

apa itu? Lol

lol.. ya wo.. those patent serial numbers. haha. thanks!

Well Arwin, my deepest apology if everything is the real thing.

First of all, why are you afraid IF everything is real? Let me be cock talking and people will realise that i'm bullshiting if it ain't real. You have no need to defend yourself.

Secondly, you have just blackmailed me saying that you're asking me to watch out the next time you see me. What? you gonna whack me? Please be a grown up. Government Body don't simply whack people up. Even police whack someone for a reason.

Nonetheless, I go and read your thread because I find that IT'S REALLY INTERESTING as for the topic. Keep on posting, I hope one day you might just capture the real image of "them" and I will acknowledge it. Of course, I might be asking for your permission to post them in my blog too to share with everyone here.

Have a nice day!

Wen-Dick said...

To AJ a.k.a. Arwin

So Arwin...
That's your name is it?

Interfere? Lets see how the parties goes...
"You are helping your friend." Quoted from AJ.
And I am helping my friend.
So which party are you clarifying?
Mind helping me out with that?

Secondly, asking me to watch out?
Wow. Nice. But I don't like to watch out. I just like to be alert to my surroundings.
Feel free to let me know whenever you drop by.

Thirdly, if you are so brilliant. You won't be posting potential threats in a public media with the sufficient evindence for me to get an official sue against you.

Forthly, don't warn or blackmail people that you don't even know who are they.
Sometimes you might ended up at a bad situation.
So grow up Arwin. Be mature. Face the real world. This world is not only ruled by you.
There is always a higher mountain behind you.

Fifthly, I would like to thank you for not interfering us again.


Signing off,

Wen-Dick said...

Last but not least...
What makes you think I am Cxck talker?
Which part of my statement isn't a fact that you can't accept.
A fact that you can't accept is doesn't mean that it doesn't exist and it is rubbish.
You can debate on them but not to conclude them as rubbish.

loon said...

sigh... why are there so many stupidians living in this world...

aih... get a life lar arwin... go collect stamp or something lar...

your pictures are like that because it's merely light reflexted by insects lar. and the light source can be the moonlight or other far sources lar or something like that lar.. it dont have to be street light or laser to produce those pictures lar... it can be a type of insect that can produce light that too faint for human to see lar...

aih, never see real ghost before and talk so much....

buttercup said...

Wen Dick: LOL! I dun think he gonna come back again.

Loon: wow u know too heh? haha.

Arwin: Just in case you're still reading this, I believe that you should thank me for revealing ALL YOUR WEAKNESS in that kind of fraud in order to sell the book.

Get your websites updated and perhaps you can get some sales somewhere else.

Why am I doing this? It's for 2 reasons:

ONE: It's my passion towards photography and I don't like it when people cheat.

TWO: It's the consumers' rights! I'm raising their awareness not to buy that book!

Have a nice day Arwin.

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