Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mythbuster Case Closed!

Ladies & Gentlemen, you're about to read something that is highly classified. Be sure that you do not SPREAD this to anyone.

Malaysia Mythbuster Research Classified - Class 1 Act 1945, Case 09.0001

Latest update! All threads are deleted in the name of "Closed for Good" by author.

Blackmailed... really reminds me a lot back in highschool time.

Note to myself: I was pissed off because it's very very misleading of those threads. May people live in truth, and of course, a bit of white lies.

*stamping a stamp* CASE CLOSED



ip man said...

I met some new blow water kings.

buttercup said...

hahaa.. long time no see him liao.

Anonymous said...

Haha,the farking Arwin John is just a loser in life...vow man...CGR, CPI, CEVPR, PDP, CI, CPC...just what the fark are these titles?I respect him,18 yrs old which hold so many "respected" titles and oh well,he is also a "researcher".Anyway, internet is about freedom of speech so he can claim anything he wants but ultimately it is up to the readers to decide on the truth.

Anonymous said...


Wen-Dick said...

NOT STUPID kid versus(debate) Stupid kid...
Stupid kid issues a lot of points that NOT STUPID kid cannot answers any of them.

So, how ar?
Pretty contradicting isn't it?

So let's just laugh..

loon said...

wow, buttercup,

you've just destroyed a stupidian base.. where all cibaians and bodoans gather to talk about shits..

bravo! keng...

buttercup said...

Thanks alot! I bet you're an Alphanatician! LOL!

WenDick: Yah.. just let him go. Case close liao. Haha.

haha.. is that a compliment? haha.. I just hate it when people cheat like that >.<

loon said...

yeah, that's a compliment!

you're a hero now.. hahahaha!

buttercup said...

lol.. many pro in photography also saw his pics... all just long exposure nia.. thanks!

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