Saturday, December 22, 2007

28 Hours In Genting

Buttercup says: No matter how long you've sit down, once you won, get your ass out of da chair!

Took a leave on Friday and got myself to Genting with friends. It's nice to meet up with them after such long time!!!

But my phone's shutter might have a bit of problem and I couldn't take good pictures. All blur blur one... Aih... Where's my dSLR?

Anyway, I'll try to get some of the pics and post them up. Hopefully those files size aren't too big.

Oh yA! I went into the Casino already!!!! And it's actually boring, if you aren't gambling. And the thick smoke, is seriously terrible. And yeah, I got myself 10 RM5 chips and played a little. I lost the first 2 bets but in the 3rd bet, I won RM60! And it was only like, 5 minutes after I sit down?

And I continued playing and dunno for what reason. Lost 100 bucks. Uncle Lim Jr. still very geng... No more gambling unless under very special condition. Forget about me and let's talk about the rest of the uncles and aunties. Those uncles especially, they are damn good gamblers and they recorded down every single game in the whole process and they can hardly lose. Some of them can just simply chipped in 5 RM100 chips in one singel stupid bet and just lost all of them like that. Not mentioning those who are using the RM500 chips.

p/s: Thought of can get a dSLR from Uncle Lim Jr. Mana tau he even took the money for me to buy the casing. Darn!


Candy said...

greedy la..

buttercup said...

ya lo... T_T me bad boy and greedy.

Samuel said...

bad boy... no more present this christmas.... hehe

ah liau said...

haha.. a good lesson for u.. dun try to win da money frm an old guy.. summore a deceased wan..

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