Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Suddenly Don't Know What To Write!

And yeah, I bet his teacher trained him well. Never give up no matter what!


JX said...

Hey where you get those videos! Damnn nice.. ahahha especially the first two! I wanna post on my blog too LOL!

buttercup said...

LOL... my fren gave me the links. so just go and see lo! Haha! But the html code given by this site can only be viewed using IE, Firefox can't be viewed. And you'll have to change the width and height from errr... one is
480 => 440
360 => 320

Anonymous said...

haha, the baby is so cute. and the bad day video is so ganas. hope ur not having any bad days in ur office like that.. :P
turn off ur word veri la

ButTeRcUp said...

yeah, and very funny! very determined baby! LOL! and yeah i won't smash devices like this! LOL! and their day is just really very very bad.

Mine is all good =p!

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