Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Diwali!


First of all, Happy Deepavali people!

Well, about to say something boring here. Don't read if you aren't prepared to be bored. If you do, please proceed.

Today, is one of the most busiest day as 2 of my colleagues went off for their 5-day-break. Expecting even worse on Friday to come. Since I've joined HP, I've realised that my life is even more meaningful and I'm able to see more people with my ears, and hear more people around me with my eyes.

I'm not boasting but I would say that I'm kinda hardworking. I got one and a half hour break a day but, in total, averagely, I took only 25 ~ 30 minutes break per day. Being a workholic(might sound a little too serious), I AM responsible of what I'm doing and I'm prepare to take any blame if it is my fault.

Now, being a senior to someone who's new, a senior supposed to care and to teach their subordinates in a better manner and show a good example to newcomers. Some did, but not all.

Being told that, things that I've submitted to seniors will be reverted back to me, I have got nothing back in the end. Hence, a few calls and a few messages were made and guess what, some of the seniors just don't really like me being that responsible it seems.

If you know how teamwork and coorperations play in a customer service department, you'll know how important are the feedbacks from the rest of the department to you. But it just never did.

I AM sad; I AM upset; I AM disappointed. But, I'm not defeated; I'm not dead; and I'm not down. I know that You are testing my patience and rationality. I'm listening and I'm facing it!

"A mistake will not take me down. It brings me further!" - Buttercup


AlbertBishop said...

some people are like that. tak syok at hardworking people. Just because they are lazy. But its people like them that will end up in the same company doing the same job everyday.
These people put no effort n passion in things they do and only want to enjoy life with the money they have.
They will never have what we have.
We enjoy working, learning and also we enjoy life

Anonymous said...

lololol sometimes its hard to fit in, especially if you are of the minority, be smart act smart think smart, i dont think u'll have the ''power'' or ability to change or rather influence others to become as hardworking as u are.
say u have 11/2hrs or break, oh come on! dont come back in 30minutes and continue working! u posing a threat to others! they'll feel terribly threaten because they're doing enough as u do! well actually i think they are doing enough , jst that u're too hardworking, lol an innocent lil white paper u are. just follow the norm:p dont be sad.. eh so take leave nex fri lar! since ur colleague taking 5days leave all....eeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

eh i missed the word not somewhere in between a sentence. lol
welcome to wherever you are by bon jovi.. good song
ugh and the word verification so ma fan

Samuel said...

Your senior don't like you being responsible?? Haha... kena boikot izit?? Actually first of all you should think why you are working in the first place.. if you wanna learn things then being hardworking is not wrong... but if you go there just to work to please those upper people then that is a totally different story...

Anyway... break time so long you oni use half an hour, surely ppl might feel tergugat... relax la brader during your break time, if you eat oni 1/2 hours, then ma use the one hour to read a magazine or anything while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea... :D


hhmm yea yea. Bo pian lar such ppl exists... Well maybe you can try to talk nicely to them. It would be a much more condusive environment to work if there isn't that much friction between you and your dear colleagues(lol). Anyway, good luck on your colleagues... I know you would be able to handle the situation... lolx

buttercup said...

regardless of the situation, I still love the place! Haha!

u know we have this thing call abandone rate and it's normally tabulated around 3% ~ 4%. But once it reach 5%, all in the team will get scolding. And what we all(newbies) are doing is to maintain the rate by answering more calls = less rest. Wakarimasu ka. Those word verification is to prevent spamming la.

well i'm not there to please anyone but myself. I'm there to learn, to work, to gain more experience. And I'm just trying my best to do my best. I don't want to go there do something, but gain nothing.

well i need that luck as I started to sense you-know-wat. but of cos, like you say, I can!

Porcupine said...

Generally, after working for quite some time now, I've come to notice people can be categorised in a few groups...

1. Those who are smart and hardworking will rise to the highest level of management and administration.
2. Those who are stupid but hardworking will rise to the highest level of staff.
3. Those who are smart but lazy will rise to the highest level of politics and power.
4. Those who are stupid and lazy won't last more than 3 months... Hahaha...

So, it's all about knowing what group they belong to and applying the proper strategy to communicate with them young Padawan.
For your powers are still raw and unsharpened. Do not be too eager to use them yet. Let the Force guide you.

buttercup said...

porcupine... recently you drank too much huh? hahahah! Yoda I am. hahaha!

I'm just there to learn! lOl! dun care about them! Just do my best!

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