Friday, November 23, 2007

Just For Laughs

Mozilla Firefox cannot support the language provided by this site. Kindly see the videos using Internet Explorer. Thank you.
Buttercup: Laughter the best medicine!

Never jump on the beds in furniture show house anymore!

Don't you feel shame when animals also know how not to fight?

Dogs are always man's best friend

Prison Break - Panda version, starring SmartAss & DumbAss

*Puuuuuut..... Puuuuuut... * Luckily no one know it was me... Thank God

If you wished to save someone in case of emergency, this could be a good idea. Maybe a bit cruel, but you MIGHT just save a life.



Anonymous said...

why couldnt play the vid? what the chinese words saying? =.=

.......word verification again ! =.=

buttercup said...

i duno which chinese word u saying wo. haha! and it's to prevent spamming for tht verification thingy ma. blek =p

Anonymous said...

cannot watch one?

Anonymous said...

it said cannot connect to the server.
Pls try go to the source web site to watch others one

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