Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pavilion One Day Trip

Damn!! Stupid Google got problem and I can't fully upload all the photos. Never mind, the main course are just right below so those appetitezers, forget about them.

Went to Pavilion with Ray and Chia Wuen, and I'm the brightest and biggest spotlight ever. Pavilion is really big, to me at least. It's really a heaven for shopping but definitely, not for dummies like me. There are 7 stories if I'm not mistaken and the 7th floor - Seventh Heaven is ONLY for ladies, but too bad it's not open yet.

A lot of shops here are double stories, such as Burberry, err... err.. forgot already. One whole stretch is double storey shops selling all kind of brands of outfit.

Pavilion's restaurants(majority) basically, stick to one concept.

Such big crowd... What's happening?

They'll have their cook to cook in front of the audience/customers.

Took our lunch in Ichiban Ramen

These people really work non-stop

Ray ordered ramen

This is my Onagi Set

Here we have the breakdowns:

The Onagi

Pickles, egg and fried brinjal

The Salad that makes you feel like you are chewing on grass

The rice

The soup

The fruits

And they're all gone!

When I thought that I had finally finished my meal and reading on the shopping guide, here came the steam egg with prawn and mushroom! Not bad!

And as promised Mini, here's your donuts..

Oh not forgetting the Mocha Pxxxxx Frapuccino (or something like that)

*burrrp* 6 donuts and 1 Starbucks

Siao meh? Finished all one shot. Of course la leave some for tomorrow ma!

p/s: We saw J Co but, the queue is killing. It's just like a super long toilet queue after a 3.5 hours movie from the cinema. The queue is really scary.


JX said...


You pamper yourself.. hahaha! I also want! T___T

buttercup said...

LOL! I always pamper myself well!

Porcupine said...

Watch your diet you must, as a sleepy warrior excessive food produces, young Padawan...

By the way, where's this Pavillion?
Wan to bring my wife go kai kai...

buttercup said...

lol! errr... you can take monorail till u reach Hang Tuah, then just a 3 ~ 5 Mins walk and you'll be there. Google Earth helps.

eww-nee said...

hey there! actualyl i wanted to comment on the "cchs" u wrote bout HP. LOL! but the word verification not clear or maybe my "4 eyes" isn't good anymore. hahaha.. anyway, don't expect too much in this kinda hierarchy organization. yes, seniors do feel threatened by young bloods like us, that's y they are not willing to help or teach but some how, if u take more initiative to find out stuff, u can actually do everything by ur own. be independent. i think CSS is the easiest job i've even done so far. haha.. pakat with a few ITS & TN and make friends with cust, everything will go smoothly.

buttercup said...

to Ewe-Nee:

T_T... Yes I will! I'm doing my very best! thanks alot!

Samuel said...

kenny! ar!!! not food again ar.... walao owez make me hungry wan

buttercup said...

lol... more to come brather!

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