Saturday, November 10, 2007


Today I had a small reunion dinner with my NS friends in Times Square. It has been 3 years since then. We went to Gasoline to get pumped up. Bad lighting in there. No pictures taken by my phone. T_T
And thanks to Ray and Chia Wuen, I got this!

And this one I bought them on my way back from TS. You MUST TRY "Stairway to Heaven" from Bread HisStory. Oh, I also realised that, there's actually another shop by the name of Bread History. Don't go to the wrong shop. It's Bread Story.

The 2 long long ones are the Stairway to Heaven. Damn nice!

And that traitor that I've eyed on damn long ago till now, is my stupid mouth and stomach. The main culprit will be the eyes and the nose!

Just imagine, Genki Sushi, Pavilion, Ichiban Ramen, Big Apple, Starbucks, Gasoline, J Co, and now, Bread Story.

Damn BIG TRAITORS to my wallet.


Samuel said...

Okay! Now I know the reason of me getting fat!... Haha... over rewarding yourself is very unhealthy lei!... lol

Anonymous said...
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buttercup said...

lol! just don't over reward till ur wallet bleed. we live to eat!!

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