Sunday, November 18, 2007

Family Comes First

Went for Pizza and 30 Days of Nights with Mini and guess what?! I think that the show is hilarious! You guys should watch if you wanna laugh! And thanks Mini, it was really a nice day out! Appreciate it! And let's wait for Jusco!

And so I was at home, bringing back 6 Stairway To Heavens and of course, not all know how to savour it. Haha!

On Saturday night, my family and I went to Sushi King and I'm the house. Dad's eyes was running wild on those figures but, I told him that it's worth it because not all the time we get to be together and have dinner. The dinner costs only RM 150. And in exchange of fun and quality time with family, I think no doubt it's worth more than it costs.

In return of that "favour" that I've done on the night before, today morning my dad and mom made some breakfast!!! Haha! And they are all delicious!

Appreciate your family before the bond is loose. All the best people, it's a whole new day again tomorrow!
p/s: I wanna watch Heroes, Prison Break, Bleach and Naruto!


Samuel said...

one of your most successful thing about ur blog i must say is.. making me hungry!!

walao the harsh brown potato... and yu chia kueh!!

enjoy lo got special breakfast... i don't usually get to eat breakfast prepare by my mom.. because i owez wakes up at 12pm lol :D

buttercup said...


LOL! hahaha! only recently making people hungry rite? maybe in time to come will be less, but, watever come up SHOULD BE making u more hungry. Live to eat! LOL!

haha! then change ur sleeping time! LOL! u might not be able to slp at nite, drink cup of hot chocolate b4 u slp, and force urself to wake up at 8. a few days going on, you'll get to slp well!

JX said...

ggrr... i feel so hungry now... and i still got darn loads of pasta left uneatend... starting to look unappetizing now.. suxxors... can't wait to fry rice.. something oriental.. yum yum :)

buttercup said...


LOL! get some oriental fried rice now! Haha! I just ate them just now!

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