Saturday, November 03, 2007

Many Parents Did Not Belonged To Our World

You know how fast our technology advances? You know how much we kids nowadays will have to learn compared to those olden days?

I bet you don't. You parents just know how to fork out your stupid money and get your children to learn everything that you didn't get to learn, lazy to learn, and even things that you never want to learn. You parents made us children do whatever you liked and we'd followed.

In the end when all these things that we learnt come in handy, you won't believe us in return. What's the point of learning all these then? Why sent us to school, tuition, and even Uni in the first place? Why?

It's really selfish act when you guys just don't update yourself and ignore our advises. I didn't ask you parents to learn back what we've learnt. AT LEAST, put our words into consideration. Don't be selfish.


Esther said...

they don't listen because they think they "sek yim" more than "lei sek fan" mar.

got no advice for ya on how to handle it la cos i'm not obedient one.. *shh* so, just go ahead and vent all you want la because most of us also get frus over the parents sometimes.

buttercup said...

LOL.. yeah... indeed. sometimes it's real frustrating when we were taught something, but are not allowed to use them even if we know that the other party is doing the wrong thing. T_T

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