Monday, November 19, 2007

We Are The Champion!

Hell yeah! Today, I can get angry with all the best reason under the sun. Oh well, it's not really a big deal to me actually but, it marked a successful milestone for me to be a better man. Why? Because I don't angry because of I want to feel angry! LOL!

Today, I'm very very very angry and upset with the seniors. They need us to get things done, but they don't assist us in the sense that guiding us in a better way.

Towards the end of the day, I noticed that all my colleague at my place is very very frustrating and very angry towards the same thing. You bet!

It's them! Not all, but that two of them. When have problem, they'll come and talk nicely to you, smile at you, answer your questions. But once they don't need you AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT, "Get the hell out of my way you idiot!".

It's really hard to work with people with two face. You know what killed the passions? Seniors who felt threaten. We can finish up their mess twice or thrice their speed. How about that? Will you feel threaten if your juniors having such great potentials?

And for God sake! Monday you telling me A, Tuesday B, and Wednesday F! How the hell am I going to know what is to what? And we are all not updated to the latest information. And when we ask, guess what? Yeah, screwed up in the ass!

Nonetheless, I have all the reason to feel angry today. It's not my fault and everybody feels it. Seniors, time for a change.

always the smarter choice


Samuel said...

Huh?!! Haha... so this is the HP internal affair zit.. no wonder la my HP printer is such a screwed up... inside got so banyak problem wan ar.. haha kidding:D

buttercup said...

LOL! if tht's the case, kindly dial 1800 88 8588 for post sales service. Kindly provide your Order ID at the same time when you call up there. thank you!

faliq aizat said...

ppl make mistake..
wad make u think u never done a mistake?

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