Thursday, January 03, 2008

Light In The Darkness

Guess what? Early morning itself, I lectured people for being late for meetings even after they promised to do so. Well, Malaysian. What can I expect?

And later, I had a small discussion with my course coordinator, Dr Lim regarding if I should somehow continue with my studies. She said a few things that makes me feel right, and feel that I SHOULD continue regardless of the situation that I'm facing now.

I don't know how to put things that she said in words but it is rather motivational. And she gave me some kind of hope. And now I can see that not all Permanent-Head-Damaged people are studious but there are some of them who actually have the human touch in them and how they warm people's heart.

I will remember what she said. And I'll do my best. Now, I can only aim for success after success in my academic wise. The rest of the things, step by step learning progress.

And she congratulate me that I've actually failed my paper, and she said it'll be a good start for me and prepare me better than the rest.

"Everything that happens, happened for a good reason", she told.


Samuel said...

haha... everything happened for a good reason...

I sure hope that it is really that way... for me...

all the best dude!

buttercup said...

LOL! oh yes. it is and it will. all the best sammy!

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