Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Today, went in to that room again, with the same lecturer, and the same subject, again.

However, things are different somehow, that is, my coursemates. I'm the only stranger there.

So, in the class, I'm seeing very very familiar things happening.

  1. 20% of the students are sleeping.
  2. 50% of them are fishing.
  3. 20% stared blank into the LCD screen.
  4. 10% barely can understand a point or two.

And there are actually some of the students shouting for help at me. Nonetheless, I'm just a bunch like them, else, I won't be sitting in there, right now.

And hell yeah! I'm the only person who did not pass that subject. WTH?

But it's ok. I'll be fine. LOL! And I'll own!


lw said...

U noe, it's harder when you repeat a semester worth of subject or the entire semester because you'll have to fight to get some interest in a subject you've already lost or never had interest in.

Anyway, hope you know what you're doing. :)

Samuel said...

but my scenarios here is different wor. During my class it seems like everyone understands except me... sigh

smiley said...

hey, i experienced tat too last semester it was really hurm...."interesting"
i would say cause looking back at the same old slides again and again Don't worry you will get hold of it easier this time im sure.

all the best kenny.

buttercup said...


yeah it's tough but it's funny to see those juniors have all the question marks i once used to have.


hahaha... but after the exam it turns out tht u're the best rite?


yeah now i understand how u feel. deeply. haha! but yea, there's not turning back. U too work hard k?

MyKy said...

BOTAK!!! WTF u telling me u have no confidence ar?? Ma te... U can do it wan, i most definitely have faith in u!!


Seraph said...

Spam Spam Spam Spam..

Yea you have to own them. Show them it's possible to get 100 marks.

buttercup said...


LOL i din say i have no confident, but otherwise. I'm going to own-ed! haahha.


wow changed name. hahaha! yosh1!

Samuel said...

no no... turn out I am also among the worst... damn!

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