Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hippo Cake

Went to Kepong for a steamboat buffet and celebrate Ray's birthday.

XinYi decided to try to draw the Hippo when the front desk assistant dare not draw, afraid that she might spoil the cake

Finally we have the lady boss's helping hands

Group shot. See what's on the table? It's only the first round (some already in the steamboat) and guess what? We ate about 4 or 5 rounds.

We also ate a lot of ice cream and we in total, ate non-stop for 3 hours. And finally,



See where's everyone's eyes looking at

See their expression of Chocolate Indulgence

And frankly speaking, I was about 6 month pregnant, yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Oik sii Kenny!!! Y curi-curi take our pic?!??!!?!!

Arghahahaha!! Anne is going to kill u for sure if she saw dat last pic!! LOL!!!!! Actually not only Anne.......................

buttercup said...

LOL... Not I take one boh... LOL... She haven see also! hahaha!

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