Friday, January 18, 2008

Day After Tomorrow

After a storm, Katrina has finally disappeared. People in New Orleans are resuming their life again like normal, and things will get better fast as the world is helping them to improve New Orleans.

As for now, people in New Orleans might be a bit busy still, even after so long, still cleaning up some debris but they are on the way to rebuild their home sweet home again.

End of story. *Clap clap*


MyKy said...

Katrina? i thought tht one passed ady? they reuse name of the hurricanes wan ar?

Samuel said...

!@#!$#@%^^^$&$%&$@$.... i seriously don't understand this post?!

JX said...

It'll take time to rebuild, but when it's done, it will be able to wihstand worse storms in the future.

buttercup said...

yeah it passed so damn blardy long ago.

hahaha... this post is meant not to be understood. muhahahaah!

haha.. yeah. But hopefully, not too much or no more storms. haha!

MyKy said...

No no no. Make more storms. Only then will ppl realise there're still some almighty ones upstairs above the clouds.

It's just human, we won't know wat we got till it's gone. Lives will be lost? So be it. Without such calamity ppl will never appreciate wat they have.

Yes, it's evil. The world is!

buttercup said...


hahahaa! The Bruce Almighty hahaha!

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