Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today went for a tutorial class, and so, like the rest, I presented my answers.

"I must say that, your answers are very good. Indeed, they are very good."


"But, I can't give you full marks." She paused. "If you were a Year 3 student, I would have give you a full marks for that but sadly to say, according to the marking scheme, I can't help you much. But don't worry. It's a very good answers. I like your answers very much."

And here's the question : What am I gonna do now?


Jun Xue said...

LOL why she so geng chaoz wan...
Or rather, the marking scheme...

Erm ask her what she expects of you lar.. how to get full marks...

Or do extra research by yourself... hhmmmm

Gambate dude!

buttercup said...

lol... want to get full marks ma follow the notes lor~ haha!

JX said...

Har.... she just asked you to follow notes?

lol.. then mar just follow ar.. lol

Samuel said...

err... paiseh ar... kenny you in what year now?? got different marks for different year punya students meh?? haven heard of such thing before

MyKy said...

WTF man... yeah as jun xue say lo, go ask her wat's expected of u.
Ganbate godasai!

buttercup said...

haha.. no choice lo~

lol it's ok.. i'm in year 2 sem 1 now. they have got different expectation for diff years of students. lol. UTAR boleh~

haha! ur ganbade godasai sounds like gozilla. I dunno why but it does! LOL!

it's actually ganbatte kudasai! but of cos i will. else, i'll be kick out from my beloved *puke X 3* UTAR.

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