Sunday, January 06, 2008

Too Good That It's Lacking Of Human Touch

I read this in the newspaper today. Indeed. US's laws are pretty good. Too good that it's lacking of the human touch.

I can see from pictures how sad she was. I can feel her pain. From the highest peak of her life, she's now losing everything when she's just about to stand up, again.

I still believe that you can stand up again like before, as a pop singer and of course, a mother of two. God bless you Britney.


AlbertBishop said...

i totally agree with you. When i heard the news from radio, they were laughing at her btw. I just felt sad for her. After losing your kids, the government can insult you still. How hurtful it is to be her. They're not helping her, instead they're making her break down even more. If it was me i would freak out and scream and cry. Dam those people

Jun Xue said...

hhmm maybe circumstances forced her to become untill like that. She too, should wake up and try to improve her life. Nah.. I think she's too blur to realise she's losing her kids and stuff like that...

MyKy said...

But why is she acting in such a way in the first place? When she started off with 'Baby One More Time' she has the good girl style.

I think it's her producers idea to get her into a dirtier stance. And here she is. Sad? Yeah, most definitely. But i don't think her parents share her pain. Apparently they're selling the news tht her sis, Jamie Lynn, is pregnant for US 100k.

She's a good singer though. Sad indeed

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