Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gegar U @ PICC, Putrajaya

It was a last minute thingy when I got to know that I'm required to attend an event in Putrajaya International Convention Center. That event is called "Gegar U". It is an unity program among all Student Council from all over Malaysia. Yes, all over Malaysia, even the Sabahans and Sarawakians were here. Year 2008 is the second time the MOHE organising this kind of event to promote unity among races and religions.

Well, yesterday I accidentally took a nap that is too long that can't put me to sleep during the night. In the end, I slept at almost 3am, and woke up at 4 in the morning.

The journey begins...

Street lamp @ Putrajaya

It's the PM's office down the road, a few kilometres away from the spot I'm standing

Tried to capture a nice thing but the glare was too strong -____-

We were given some goodies as below. As for the shirt, each shirt is printed with different character, ranging from PERPADUAN, UNITY, 团结(in Mandarin),and Ottrumoi(in Tamil). All these combinations brings to the same meaning, which is UNITY. We were required to form groups according to the character given to us and get to know people in the group.

One of the goodies, T-shirt!

My first wrist band

Meet Dr. Adui

OMG! See who's here? He looks like Chow Yuen Fatt, I think. And OMG, he's hot and handsome!

His name is Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor a.k.a. Dr. SMS! Initially we thought we just go there for some activities but guess what? It's actually a forum and that 4 person on stage talked for 2 hours non-stop. So there's Q & A sessions and out of those who came out, if I'm not mistaken, I only remember seeing 1 Chinese and 2 Indians. The rest are all Malays. MOST of the people who came out and asked questions were actually just want their pretty face to be live-telecasted into Astro Ria and RTM. FYI, most of them are Ah-Bengs,Ah-Lians and Wantans but sad to admit that, some are pretty too. But the ratio it's like 1:100.

Wondering what he's shooting at?

The ceiling. If you see it on the spot it'll be damn nice!

Need some anger management here. The Emcee got pissed when the UNDERGRADUATES were not giving their cooperations

And initially I was informed that the event will be ending around 1pm and guess what? When the Emcee announced that it'll end around 4 or 5pm everyone was like "Whoaaaa!!"

What you are seeing here is only a small portion. Total attendance was 4000 plus!

Warna-warna Malaysiaku

This is the longest escalator I've ever used. Longer than the one in Genting. It took us some time to get down there

Some time earlier, one Malay lady came by to my group and asked for 10 volunteers. We have about 40 person but none volunteered. Someone just jump out and drag us all along to offer our services. Luckily enough,

"Anda yang sepuluh orang ini akan makan dengan VIP nanti di Dewan A, faham?"

We all were so happy and we agreed! And, tada! Only about 150 undergraduates have the VIP's service out of the 4000 plus! So, volunteer yourself at ALL TIMES!

Food are damn nice, just that the portion a bit too little

He has got the charm!

Aiya he looked other side, talking to my President. Don't worry. A clearer one is on the way, hopefully.

Pitied Dr. SMS for not being able to have his lunch properly as people keep on asking him to take pictures with. Luckily, the event ended 1 hour plus earlier, which is least expected by the Government.

And enjoy these 2 songs. I think they are nice.

Warna-Warna Malaysiaku by Siti Nurhaliza

Malaysiaku Gemilang


Porcupine said...

Well, if you ask me, I couldn't really care less about Angkasawan dude...
First off, the WHOLE damn world knows he's just a flight participant...
And flying just him has cost the rakyat MILLIONS...
It just doesn't justify the "motivation" given to younger generations considering the fact that that amount of money could have been put to better use...

buttercup said...

LOL.. hmmm.. based on that, that's the bad side, however, it somehow making the youngsters interested in science and hence, making more ppl try to study better in mahts and sciecne so it wasn't tht bad after all.

Samuel said...

btw.. i heard he is also a part-time model. So maybe more youngsters are interested in becoming model than angkasawan i guess...

i still dunno how to do the colours in black and white picture thingy! sigh.... wat version photoshop u use?

Min Soon said...

Sheikh Muszaphar actually performed some experiments in the space, and he underwent a 18-month training program in Russia.

Those experiments were to test a possibility for malaysian scientists to invent a new lipase growing technique in a manufacturing industry worth MR 7.7bil worldwide..... I say it was worth it.

By all standards, even a retired NASA astronaut (Robert Gibson) expressed that S.M is a fully qualified astronaut.

Give the fellow malaysian a little support ? :)

Oh btw nice pictures kenny, thanks for sharing ! :D

buttercup said...

to sam:
LOL good la. hope all the models are ladies! haahaha!

to minsoon:
LOL! i don't think malaysia yet to have that technology to do that but of course, support is given for sure.

and thanks for the compliment. LOL!

AlbertBishop said...

dier pakai baju chinaman ker?

buttercup said...

takde la. something like neo in matrix but not that long. just half of the body. haha!

MyKy said...

Chill out on the Angkasawan la dude.. There's pros and cons to the project, but however, i felt it's kinda misleading when they portray space programs in such a grand way to the kids, when it's obviously not.

Oh well, skip tht for now. Haha. yeah volunteer! alot of goodness awaits u!

buttercup said...

hahaha... yeah pros n cons awaits. we'll see how our youngsters thinking in time to come. haha!

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