Thursday, January 10, 2008

When Is The Last Time You Touched It?

Finally, for the first time in 2008, ButTeRcUp did something for himself, ie exercise!

I joined my housemate to have a badminton session somewhere in Wangsa Maju. The last time I touched my racket was almost half year back. That also I touched the racket after a few years.

Playing badminton reminds me of my dad. He thought me how to play it. Playing ping pong reminds me of one teacher to whom I owed my basic knowledge to in primary, whereby she taught me ping pong. Her name is Nu Li Hong, if anyone knows her tell me. I kinda lost contact with her.

Now, back to the court. It was public holiday so kinda many people around. The complex consists of 20 courts and it's damn huge. FYI, national team trains there too.

So the game started as I'm dragging my ALMOST 0.1 tonne of body into the court and started the warm up session. My wrist is powerless. My speed decreases and my reaction is slow. But one thing for sure. I can stand STEADILY.

And those opponents damn blardy smart also. They kept on targetting me because I can't move fast and lacking of stamina. And there's one, damn like to give me high ball. And there you go, your 0.1 tonne's ButTeRcUp jumping around in the court like centaur and stunning people all around me. I hope that the Ritcher scale didn't go up today, just in case if they were having any research nearby.

Played 2 games today and today were all close call matches. Both game won by merely 1 point. But not bad already rite for me who had already missed out his exercise for so long. =D

p/s: I mentioned ALMOST 0.1 tonne, which means not 0.1 tonne, ok?

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