Monday, January 14, 2008


It is decided somehow. I've always been inspired by younger generations on what to do and in this case, by one of my housemate. His determination has greatly inspire me to be more determine about this semester. Very much.

Well, you might wonder what is it up to now. I've been up to a junction now. It's either I make it this time, or I'll be a few years behind people.

AND, this will explain my MIA (hopefully I really MIA, somehow). I'm planning on clearning my laptop off my desk, which also means that, I'll online less. In order to make space for me to study more and Dota-ing less, this seems to be the right choice.

However, I'll try my best to check my mails often. I try.

Till then.


Min Soon said...

Taking away the laptop and distractions is a GREAT GREAT STEP !

Keep it up, you can do it man.

Ganbatte ! >:O

buttercup said...

haha! I'll try! But damn alot of things have to use pc.. darn~ haha!

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