Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Left Alone And I'll Be Frozen Up Again

As usual, my housemates and I walked down the road and waited for the taxi. A few of us were singing and laughing together while SUDDENLY.....

A lady came by and out of a sudden, she kissed me. I tried to get rid of her but she seems to be pretty stubborn and aggresive. I've gotten mad and I gave her a slap.

I really don't know what went wrong. Perhaps too much power used. Or the technique I'm using is too strong, and she died, in a pool of blood. MY BLOOD GOD DAMMIT!

It's a mosquito la~~ Haha. Funny or not?

Haha.. ok ok. Early morning itself before blood donation I already donated to that bitch. And FYI, it's the 7th time I'm donating blood to the National Blood Bank. You guys should do so too if you have chance.


Now, back to business. Apparently I've not been good last year and Santa had somehow retrived back the wish that I've wished for. Nonetheless, on the bright side, I've learnt more from this wish and I've learnt that, being me, myself and I is not enough. I have to love myself more. More than anyone else and not spreadind and raining all the people around me and the world apart with my never ending love.

I care for people. I love those people beside me. I love people's presence to make me feel alive. BUT, apparently, this makes people thinks that I'm actually taking them for granted, and I've been a playboy all the while, to them.

I am good. I know what I'm doing and I know who I am. No one shall assumed that they know me well, until they really know me. Don't take me for granted and don't assume me from what you see. You people need to look deeper into me to see who I REALLY am.

"...Don't leave me hanging, in a city so dead..." - extracted from My Happy Ending - Avril Lavinge. Avril rocks!

I'm tired. I need a bit of time to put myself together again. I'm fine. I'm ok. I'm standing strong.


Samuel said...

Are you putting the song ~My Happy Ending~ to remember the mosquito wan izit?

buttercup said...

LOL!! U know that blardy bitch suck-ed my badly. I got a big bum on my hand yesterday!

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