Monday, January 21, 2008

Sushi King @ KLCC

Today went to KLCC for a RESEARCH. So, at the mean time, Sushi King lo~

Remember, RESEARCH was the main objective, Sushi King was the last minute thingy. I've taken a lot of sky pictures but all didn't went well. T_T And I ate about RM40 worth of sushi. Don't ask me how. I just have no idea.


L to R: Alvina, Nancy and Beverly

Nancy, Beverly and I(I don't have a picture on my own, that's why I so BIG)

And I'm so sleepy and so many things else in pending list!!!! Ganbatte Buttercup~


Samuel said...

Kenny! Eat too much sushi you might have fins growing out of your back man!.. lol :D

den we all can start calling you butter-CARP d... :P

lw said...

Is there something special between Nancy or Beverly and YOU?

:P If not, why such an importance of having a picture taken together?

You better answer this!!!

JX said...

LOl everyday sushi... such a nice life.

I've taken some pictures of the sky, maybe post later.. guwahahhaha!

lw: LOL!

buttercup said...

LOL! reminds me of magikarp! hahaha!

Not at all my dear. It's because in the first pic ME, UR HIGHNESS IS NOT IN!!

hahaha! ok ok! i'll be waiting to see those!

Samuel said...

haha.. magikarp is different ma.. the magikarp is carp cook together with maggi mee... so is called magikarp

but butter-carp is carp cook together with butter.. ready to be panggang tat type wan... yummilicious :D

Samuel said...

btw... why you always eat sushi sure got girls wan??


buttercup said...


LOL still got difference one meh? crap!

hahah! why, u jealous tht i'm surrounded with butterflies? LOL! and it just happened to be that they are my group members. haha!

plus, eat sushi no gals not nice! LOL! Jk jk!

Porcupine said...

RM40 worth of Sushi???
I rather go Manhattan Fish Market oh...
Their tiramisu and butter rice is simply heavenly...

Esther said...

wth? you tot girls are sidelines ah?! lol.

Esther said...


buttercup said...

hahaha! eat those expensive things ma can lo!

hahaha! no ar... just need company to eat together... if eat alone boring ler. I once tried to eat alone. it was so quiet.

JX said...

LOL! You always kebetulan met girls or what? so geng chaoz wan... next time go eat sushi must go with you.. hahaha!

Samuel said...

why suddenly everyone so interested in eating sushi and meeting with gals?

buttercup said...

LOL we went there together, like I said, for research! LOL! and I was the one suggesting eating sushi cos too long din get to eat liao~ hahaha!

LOL.. u started it lo~ suddenly feel like playing half-life 1/2

MyKy said...

whoa... banyak giler comments!

Ya, nothing beats eating sushi with girls!! Don't u just love it when u ate too much wasabi and tears flowing out of your eyes, the girl showing concern and asked "Why?? wat happened??"


buttercup said...

LOL! reading ur comment in 7am and made me burst out laughing and my roommate looking at me like, "eh, u siao ar?"

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