Friday, May 21, 2010

A Lil' Update

Yeap. It had been godzillion seconds since I left my blog alone. But sad to see takrak extra view pun. LOL.

It's okay. So yeah, just a little gist of updates about my life here. I had taken these pictures actually err... 1 or 2 weeks back but yeah, now only I'm processing them and putting them here.

1. This picture shows nothing. I just want to share the flare. LOL.

2. Trying to be artistic

3. A China's kid

4. I think I like to take pictures like this too

5. Sony's SAL1870 sometimes is good enough to give the wide-angle-feel, provided that you manage to capture at the right angle


7. China's mobile service - weather updates. Not only telling you about the weather, but also, it will gives advice to people from time to time what to take note of. Something that I think Malaysia's telco should learn.

8. Something I received from the Land of Mist far away. One of the line it reads, "I know that only you'll appreciate the beautiful artistic picture on the reverse". LOL. Maybe I am. It's a very nice picture! Thanks JX! *Mostar has got great story behind it. Read it here*

9. Can this be the postcard for you? Naw, I think I'll get another better picture. LOL.

Well, that's pretty much of it for now. Another 120 days(approximately) until I'm back to where I came from.


Jun Xue said...

hahah I really like picture 2 and 5. You're improving!

Lol actually even for me, the postcard pic is a bit somber, but I'm glad you appreciate it! By the way it's a very famous bridge in Mostar, google it.

buttercup said...

Haha! thanks JX!!!

LOL.. Black and White pictures always bring strong emotion to people! It's a great postcard!

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