Sunday, March 07, 2010

BBQ In Winter!

Today went BBQ with my colleagues and supplier at a park nearby. It is my first time going to this park. I didn't know that the people here actually combine their theme park together with BBQ park. Let me show you some pictures.

1. The building on the left is BBQ Supermarket

2. Entrance

3. Sheltered BBQ House

4. Outdoor BBQ

5. All units are numbered and charged. Ranging from RMB 10 - RMB 30

6. This is how the BBQ stand looks like. I wonder why Malaysia doesn't have facilities like this.

7. It is just a very simple design like this. Just put in the charcoal and fire, with a steel net on top, you can start your BBQ. Very convenient.

8. A view from top

9. Stairways to Zoo. Entrance Fee RMB 5 - RMB 7

10. Sometimes people even BBQ at night. See the way they protect the light bulb from rain. Cheap and efficient


12. Rib bones and chicken wings


14. Waiting for it to cooked

15. One of the facility at the park



18. Still waiting...

19. Honey on the left and oil on the right



22. My colleague. She likes to take picture too. In this picture, I'm teachin her how to camwhore. HAHAHA!

23. Open air Mahjong. Yes, feel free to put your money on the table. Police aren't catching.

24. Husky Puppy!

25. This is the first time I see people BBQ vege! Not bad at all!


That's all for now. My first experience BBQ-ing in Winter. Hahahaa! It's not hot but DAMN COLD!  Ah, it's gonna turn at least 7 degree Celcius tomorrow. T_T


Jun Xue said...

Whoa.. I like this barbeque park idea.. and it's beatiful! And I like that husky dog!!!

Anonymous said...

haha,,yalo this idea is not bad..simple and nice..
kenny..did 1986 follow u eat BBQ..
got inside pic or not..

from tat

JunJun-Riko said...

omg the husky puppy so cute!!! mail it back to me!!! LOL.

buttercup said...

yeah that is one good business idea seriously. but malaysia.. hmm...

haha.. i was expecting her to turn up but she didn't. SAD! HAHAHA!

hahahaha.. cute rite? sigh... can't mail le.. customs banyak susah.

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

The pict where you teach her camwhore makes me laughed =D

Good to see more updates on your blog ~!

buttercup said...

hahaha... thanks man! i'll try to update more whenever I got pictures >.<!

nylus said...

hmmm... what's the width of your blog's body ah... what's the width of those landscape pictures? looks like bout 600px to me.... how you get that size?

buttercup said...

hey... err. the width is 1000px, main wrapper is 650 while sidebar is 220. to have a better idea, you can right click on my page, find "view source" and click "okay" if there's a pop up.

from there you will have a better idea! needs quite some time for trial and error until you get what you want. ahaha. to get this i think i tried more than 3 times.

nylus said...

yea i know i can view source.. just lazy XD

but how u get the pictures that size?
picasaweb doesnt give me the option of choosing 600px... only 400px and 800px.. am i missing something? :/

buttercup said...

i upload directly to blogspot. heheheh. another option is you can upload to err... flickr i think.

Jun Xue said...


buttercup said...

lol! i know! XD

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