Friday, October 26, 2007

Welcome To My Life

Sometimes, it is rather sad to see that people don't really understand you. I know you people might be reading but I just want to shout it out.

Things really going haywire when the rest of the people don't understand you at all. Even if you turn to some of them, it's like nothing told can be done.

I AM OK, I am fine. Things will work out fine. Life goes on.

And thanks alot for those who had talked to me. I really appreciate that alot. All of you.

Welcome to my life.


Samuel said...

wats the frust wor??!

Porcupine said...

Relax ah brother...

buttercup said...

to sam:-
Haha! Frust about myself for not showing who am actually am. LOL!

to porcupine:-
Yeah i'm cool. or else many ppl are going to get beaten up man! haha!

JX said...

Hhahahha That wouldn't be good wouldn't it?

I can imagine the headlines:
Student goes berserk and destroys campus, 70 killed, hundreds injured and missing.


buttercup said...

lol!! my god! killed and injured still fine, acceptable. but missing??!! haha! that's way beyong imagination man! and berserk reminds me mask of madness! lol!

Samuel said...

Hmmm... I wonder which part of you is not showing yourself man??!! Sometimes don't take things too seriously and everything will be fine... :D

buttercup said...


oh well.. i also dunno. but this year, 2007, for me is full of my sins and my stupidity. I'm praying for a whole new life when it reaches 2008. LOL! God bless everyone!

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