Thursday, October 04, 2007

Same Old, Same Old...

Finally, that boy has reached his home, after so long. Just about five minutes on the road from Setapak, the Mother asked:

"Got girlfriend already ar?"

"Haha! Not yet."

I wish that I can give them a different answer in time to come. But for now, I'm sorry that I don't have one... Haha!

Ja mata!


Samuel said...

well.. when u got GF.. then ur mom will start asking "when wanna get marry"... den afta married d, she will start asking "when gonna give a grandson" and so on.... haha... so is better remain single and listen to the same question over and over again at least u no nid have a hard time finding answer to her question^^

Më| §zë said...

I'm sure you believe in fate, don't you? Trust in fate, but at the same time, help it...

buttercup said...

to sam:-
hahaha! hmmm.. but i somehow wish that i could listen to the following questions. lol!

to ms:-
yes i do believe in fate. haha! ganbade!

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