Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Human IS Changning!

You know how powerful is RM 1? It's powerful enough to turn a man into an animal. Seriously, the taxi drivers here isn't of service anymore. All they see is $_$. Other than that, talk to the hand.

You can just see how rude those drivers giving you less change( for eg. I gave 5 bucks today but he only return 3 to me. Supposingly to be 4.), don't let you get into the taxi if you aren't going into the same direction with him. They only want to fetch people to short distance places, but getting a lot from it.

I've seen with my own eyes that, a few good drivers, who were then peer-influenced by their mates, and turn their back on angels and bow their heads to Satan. Enough said for them... Just speechless, hopeless and God bless their souls.

Back to work.

Hey Rachel, you are not the only one who got praised ok? Today my supervisor suddenly called up :

"Hey, later come to my place. I've gotta talk to you."
"Yes sir.", not knowing what's going to happen.

At his place.

"I've look through the system just now and I realised that you've answered the most calls, and does the most job. You're hardworking and very productive."
"No-lah, where got..."

Wow, that feeling is nice! I've here only for about 2 weeks plus and, this is a good motivation! Later, I was assigned to help out other departments after my job was done.

Today I was assigned to C&C (dunno what does it stands for), and I helped them to do some data entries and clearance. Basically this job is easy, I think, but time consuming. This is a copy-and-paste job.

If you've work for sometime in HP, you'll know that you need a few skills to it. First, planning. Second, speed. Third, coordination of eyes and hands. Fourth, confident. With these four, you'll never have mistakes and I can guarantee you, you'll finish your job a few hours faster than the rest. And I am the proof! LOL!

Ok ok.. enough of boasting already. I gotta go as I OT-ed 4 hours. Just imagine facing the monitor for 12 hours a day. It's much more suffer than DotA overnight!


Samuel said...

hmmm... C&C.... maybe it stands for Command & Conquer gua.... haha^^

buttercup said...

lol!! tht C & C i'll need more than 4 hours dude! I like strategy game but aint good at it! hha! I need ppl to back me up one. T_T

Samuel said...

nvm i sure will back you up wan if play with you next time... you become my "tan jian pai" (arrow blocking board)... haha^^

JX said...

hahahah I also wanna play! But my comp can't support.. :(

buttercup said...

to sam:-
if i become ur tan jian pai means we both gonna lose d. haha! cos i focus more on superweapons instead of brute force. lol!

to jx:-

bring it on man!

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