Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This Is Fun But Kinda Time Consuming! I've Gotta Seach The Whole Library For This!!!

Was tagged by Esther and ShinD for this for a very long time. Sorry ya, internet access at home isn't easy. =p So, let's get things started.
The most recent pictures of yours:
When was this taken: 24th September 2007

Who took it: Chicken Little~

Where was it taken: In a cable car no. 100 (Really, I'm not lying!), way to Genting obviously.

A picture of you making a peace sign:

Is this picture in colour: Yes (Eh wait, that's not my hands. But never mind la, can't find d.)
Are your nails painted in the picture: No

A picture of you with a friend:
Who are you with: JC

A picture of you at a weird/random place:Where are you: On the road to Tmn ChiLiung, Klang, about 3 am?

Who took the picture: Wai Loon I think.

A picture of you in black and white: Did you edit the picture to black and white or you take it that way: Took it that way.

Do you like black and white or colour pictures better: Colour

A picture of you with your hair up: (this one consider rite?)

Do you like your hair up: Hmmm.. If you mean this, NOOOO!

Is it in pigtail, ponytail, etc: Hey, bias!!! It's just up! No tails! Haha!

A picture of you with a weird face:

Is your face funny or straight up scary: Funny gua..

A picture of you wearing black coloured shirt:

A picture of you wearing red coloured shirt: (This one took me more than 10 minutes to find!!!)

A picture of you wearing a green colour shirt:
A picture of you with your Halloween custome:
A picture with your mouth open:
Why is your mouth open: Rachel and I were trying to take some pictures to make into .gif file. She's stabbing me!!!!


Anonymous said...

lol i like the peace pic, weird face pic and the stabbing pic.. u both look compatible........:p happy to hear this wei...........

ShinD said...

hmm...u think ur the only one who dig th ewhole library??? i even have to look for those pic that i've burnt into the cds.
anyway, the one with your hair up, OMG. that was...wth...and the one with ur funny face, like ah beng la!! don't sit like that kenny. ppl really thought ur a low std gangster. lol!

buttercup said...


my hair damn cool rite? hahaha! I know the other one like ah beng la,.. but just for fun ma tht time. hahaha! blek!

buttercup fansi said...

sei...i write my comment at at wrong place...zzzzz...
i like the 6th picture!!
it look like u!!!
like SOHAI!!!

LJX said...

Hhahha I was there when you took the fourth picture... LOL.. I We Half-life-d before that right? lolx

MyKy said...

Babi botak. WAt a long tag u tagged me....

buttercup said...

to buttercup fansi:-
hahah.. nice ler.. tht's the longest hair i've ever got i think. hahaha!

to ljx:-
yeap yeap! haha! only 3 person! haha!

to myky:-
haha! not very long onli rite?

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