Sunday, December 07, 2008

Move It! + Bubba Gump!

Went to watch I like to move it move it yesterday and...

It is hilarious and at the same time, touching. Brotherhood, family and relationships. It's all in Madagascar 2

... had dinner at Bubba Gump. Does this name sounds familiar to you? If yes, had you ever watched Forrest Gump? If yes again, then Bubba Gump is the company that is opened by Forrest Gump and Captain Dan in remembrance of Bubba Gump who died in the Vietnam war.

I found that restaurant in The Curve really interesting. It might be a bit costly, but for Forrest Gump's fan, trust me, it's worth while going and, it's REALLY FILLING, even for me!


marccus said...

Haha, when u going watch BOLT?
it's a nice piece as well =)

buttercup said...

o u watch liao ar? hmmm~ me not sure yet la. hahaha.. have to work T_T

loon said...

woooo... that forest gump seriously a true story ar??? means apple, and smiley is also founded by him lo???? wtf?

buttercup said...

ya la! wtf?! why got apple n smiley?? he discover smiley meh?

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