Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Have You Seen This Today?

If you did read Sin Chew Jit Poh, you might have notice this.

Ya da! Done it again. Although I didn't win the prize, but, doesn't matter. My picture is up in the newspaper again! Ganbatte!!!

See the original picture here.


Glowworm said...

wow not bad congrats hehe

duo said...

wah! geng! ye photo in the newspaper! i guess u r talented in photography eh?gambatte more ! hope ya can win prize in the future

buttercup said...

haha.. thanks~

LOL! lucky onli nia.. next time must really try hard. haha.

loon said...


hei, sorry for not reply in msn ar... darn tired man!

Jun Xue said...

Whoa... you getting more and more gengz liow!!! Lol I can't catch up at all... LOL!!!


buttercup said...

LOL! nvm not small gas one. hahaha!

LOL! It was just lucky shot. I followed tht blardy grasshopper for damn long ya know? haha..

just pray for luck and practice! ganbarimashou!

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