Friday, December 12, 2008

Super Bark & Cold One

Finally got time to update a little. These few days got a lot of holiday so, must catch up with movies.

So I watched 2 movie yesterday. Namely Bolt & Twilight.


Bolt is a Walt Disney picture and really, I did not expect that kind of story line. It is about a super dog's adventure and in the end, it discovered who it is. The story is touching, especially towards the end. If I just let it go, my tears will be falling like Niagara's Fall.

Now, let's move on.


It is another unexpected kind of vampire story to me. You know, all those vampires out there will have razor sharp fangs but these vampires, have none. So when they bite, it's actually leave a mark, like how you bite yourself in the ass.

However, it's still consider not bad.

My Rating, Bolt: 7.5/10, Twilight: 6.5/10

Next up: Ip Man


loon said...

hm.... bolt.. should have watch with sam they all last time... lolz

what movie rated 10 for you?

Samuel said...

must be porn then should be rated 10 :D

yalor.. should have watch it with me... can get to have fun and nice neck ache as well:D

damn AEON BKT Tinggi TGV.. always so many ppl!

buttercup said...

really it's really worth watching. maybe you can go dl. it's really touching. unexpectedly touching.

LOL!! hahaha... go damn 9 them. ask them always make us their vvvip guest.

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