Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Earth In Year 2122

Today, I have nothing to do and I went to shoot the Mother Earth. So, this is what I get and I hope maybe it can somehow, educate/remind us of where we are actually living at.

It was once... Full with greenery

There it stands, the last bird on Earth

The ozone is getting thinner

As the sky grew darker

And darker, together with poisonous gaseous

The Sun, started to sink

Pollution is never this bad before the presence of Human Race

Everything seems to come to a halt

And slowly, we watching it dying

And turn into a supernova, again

Catches the last ray of light, before it's long gone... Forever

I made my first video. Dunno how to put subtitle


Okay. After I took the pictures, I actually followed my friends and ate Satay Kajang. Just a few pics to show ya~

The Sauce

Li Yin


The Satay


amy-da-great said...

Hey Kenny!

How are you dude? Haven't yam char-ed with you in a while liao..Ages in fact. lol

Thought of dropping by to find out how you're doing and to let you know that the pictures that you took rock!

I think you have a huge talent in photography and in so many areas as well..

Take care and I shall see you soon! Make sure ar!


Wai Loon Kwan said...

yummy!!! argh... made me so hungry now.. din have any meal yet for today...

hm, your movie... maybe you should show how the mother earth is dying you know.. is like first pic is so beautiful, leaf.. then second and the rest is all picture of that dry tree, dry tree, dry tree, dry tree again, and dry tree, again dry tree...... i think you should shoot something like err... rubbish ah... or rotten animals ah... or some filthy human ah... something like that... well, it's just my suggestion...

amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my white pants :/

buttercup said...

Yo yo! long time no see too~ haha! Thanks for the comments ya! That day wanna meet up with you but you no longer working there. haha! but sure will, I'll still go back to klang rite? haha!

Wai Loon:
hahaha! the place i shoot got no rubbish. my intention is actually shooting sunset. but who knows the sun isn't really tht nice ytd.. so no choice lo!

Anonymous said...

hi....u had nice photos and of course, skill! Duno u still remember me onot, i am ur NS fren :P guess who am i XD

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