Monday, July 28, 2008

Cosplay @ Taylor's College

Finally, I got to post all the pictures I want into my blog! Thanks to Streamyx, always the smartest choice(out of no choice). Went to Taylor's College for Cosplay photo shooting. Before going to there, we stopped by Hitokiri's house for some shooting.

This is the bread that is used as a prop

Will you ever come back to me?

I'm still waiting

First time taking this kind of angle. Hitokiri-san and Riko-san sure can pose a lot

Then, Hitokiri drove us down to a lake in Sunway. The lighting there was okay, still photo-shootable. Haha!

Seperation of the Vampire Knights

Last hug...

Will we be able to meet again?

After that, we went down to Little Taiwan to have lunch.The food there not really that nice actually. It was ok lar~

Took this cute little lion on the way

Hello? Who wants to sit here dude? FYI, the railing kinda low

While waiting for the girls to change, I shot some of these.

5 bucks! No money no talk!

Harry Potter was there too! And Cho Chang on the most right

Just look at the collection of action figures

This one her hair damn yeng!

Saber from Fate Stay Night (Nope I never watched this)

I don't know who is this SailormoonGirl

I like this picture most! Hopefully I can reach a level like this one day, taking REAL HUMAN BEINGS

This action figure is very nice

Went out for a short break and borrowed Hitokiri's Tonfas to played with

We have Chaos Commander there with Arnold's thingy

See Wah with her bread. Can't remember her character's name

Just look at her tattoos

One of the big bunch of cosplayers

Don't-know-who with See Wah

Well, basically it's all about that for that day. Damn it. It's 0034 hours already. Sacrificed my sleep just to do this when the connection is good. Always good at ungodly hours. #$%^#%#^##%^!!! Streamyx punya pasal!


MyKy said...

the pic of the figure u like the most, if i not wrong, is Kallen, from Code Geass series

buttercup said...

really ar? hahaha.. i din know at all. i heard of tht anime but never watched it. you still alive eh? hahaha!

YukiNa said...

Yes, the picture you like most is of Kallen from Code Geass. You should really watch it once you're free ^^ It's a very good series ^^ And the 'sailorgirl' above Kallen is Alicia Florence from Aria ^^

Did you have fun at the event? XD

Samuel said...

nvm kenny.. u can reach that level wan....

just take my hamsem pic enough d :D


buttercup said...

maybe i can get it from you? haha..

Puh---lease.... you go line up! hahahah!

Min Soon said...

Fuyooohhh you look like you really know how to use that tonfa. o.o

Really nice pictures as usual. I like that chaos commander cosplay the best, goddamn nice armorsuit !

But seriously, Kenny you anime n00b you should ask help to translate those cosplay pictures ! n_u

Riku_sien said...

wosah kenny..!!
eh..pai seh la..i dunno little taiwan not so nice....if i know i wont go there sia...damn panas giler sit there......
next time chia you somewhere else..haha..

anyway, thanks for being the photog the pics you took.....MAN I LOOK FAT WITH THAT COAT..!!!

oh well, EH, how do i get the pictures from you ya?
(itu tonfa..i kena spray again liao...the paint really going to drop off..haha..)

buttercup said...

hahaha! tondemo arimasen ne~ maybe it's just me who did not adapt to their food. LOL!

thanks for the comments. and Yeah, I'll get it burnt and then pass it to See Wah, if she got go back Klang then she can pass to you lor but I'm not sure when I can pass to her. T_T

and for tonfa, make it black!!! hahaha!

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