Friday, July 25, 2008

One Day Trip To Kuantan

Took this dunno how many moons ago. Creative rite?

Ok. Like you know, I have been working for some time already. Today is ngam ngam 3 weeks full. Let me show you one of the latest pipettor in the world. Haven't seen it before? See here.

Ovation from Vistalab

Ok! Initially I wanted to write about the whole journey to Kuantan yesterday but I was too tired and dropped dead on bed yesterday right after the birthday celebration. So, I just cut it short ya.

My job yesterday was basically driver and secretary. But it's damn nice! Very good experience. And the last time I've been to Kuantan, was during my Standard 6. And after 10 years, I'm back there, but driving myself! Hehe! Spectacular scenery on the whole journey. Totally different from what you usually see on the North-South Cacat-ed Highway.

We left our company about 0745 hours and reached International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM/UIA), Kuantan at 1100 hours. To be frank, I realised that, those highly educated Malays, like Prof. Ridzwan (Dean of Kulliyah of Science, IIUM), and many few others are really very very humble, polite, down-to-earth and funny!! Compared to many many of the Chinese PhDs, Malay PhDs really never I could have imagined. And FYI, they are really pros in their field. They know what they are doing. Smart bunch of people!

"Eh you kat sana! Cakap English!!"

And seriously, I am very very amazed with the fundings (from OIC) they have. With those fundings, they have damn well established labs.

Every microscope have their own cabinet

And UTAR's Microbiology lab is only 1/4 of their Microbiology lab


Më| §zë said...

I want that micropipettorrrrrrr!

buttercup said...

can. with RM 895.00 only, everyone can own one.

ThE L3nG said...

Kenny STEAL for me K?? The pipettor!!!!!!!!!

Min Soon said...

Left from 0745 and reached at 1100 hours... for a distance of 195Km... shouldn't that just take like 2 hours ?

What type of car is the company car btw ?

buttercup said...

the leng:
hahaha... can. u give me RM895 i steal for u.

perhaps you should update ur map a lil bit. it's not accurate at all, 195KM. muahahah! it's 240 or 270KM la! I can't recall but definitely not 195! Come back to malaysia more!

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