Friday, July 18, 2008

@ Work

2 days ago, my boss asked me to get ready as he'll bring me out to see customer.

********** Next Day **********

A text sms came, stating that: "I'm not feeling well today, I'll be in the office around 11am."
And so I waited. Then there came lunch time. He's still not here yet. Then I know, my boss really can't come already.

So, I just do some reading after lunch, and then, basically online-ing the whole day till off duty. =.=

And yesterday, I finally met my first and second customers! They are nice people from Selayang Hospital, Batu Caves. I've learnt a lot from my boss how he promote things and so on, and it's just nice. I shall learn more.

No pictures now. Might post them some times later.

p/s: I got my name cards already! About 300 of them, I think! *Throw throw throw to give away like money fallings from sky*

p/s(2): Nuffnang say my advertisement placing not eye-catching enough and many of the advertisers don't want to put their ad in my blog. T_T so sad. So I tried again to do all the placing hopefully it'll be good. Only RM2.50 earned so far. =.=


Esther said...

wtf. just because you boss tak datang doesn't mean u can online the whole day till off duty! lazy employee. lol

wah.. next time i see u rmb to gimme ur namecard ah

buttercup said...


hahaha.. no lo. i asked my other boss if i got things to do or not but he say he got nothing to give me to do d. so no choice lor~

yeah i will. haha!

Min Soon said...

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A lot of people have cameras and can take pictures, so you have to do something absolutely new.

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buttercup said...


yeah thanks for still dropping by. I've always see one or 2 ppl from US dropping by, hopefully it's you.

if you're IP(if i ever check it's in Malaysia), you're doomed! hahahaha!

how's life?!

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