Friday, July 11, 2008

Victim / Working

Just last few weeks, United States' government had successfully done their research and had spread that technology around the world and started to do testing on humans. The device had just reached Malaysia not too long ago and they started to do experiments with us.

I was among the victim. They actually took over Sunway Lagoon, and gives out free tickets for people to go for the theme park for free and so on. We all didn't know. We all played happily and so on together, as we were invited seperately to join many other teams as well.

Until after the sunset, when we were ready to go back, we realised that we can't even walk pass the exits. It just felt like there's an invincible wall or force shiled blocking our way from going out.

"Dear Players,

If you want to get out from this place, you'll have to finish this game, and we'll return you to who you are, and set free.

The US Government"

I immediately ran to the bathroom and checked in the mirror. I am not me. I looked like I'm a 34 years old man, with different face features and so on, just that, I remained all my thoughts and memories. Basically, you are who you are, but you're inside a different body. So are the others who were invited to go to that event.

There was no way out from there. The force shield won't shut down, and there's no such thing as fire escape. Many of us tried setting up fires and many of us died being fried and burnt to ash. We have everything inside there, except for freedom, and our body.

2 weeks passes, no one got to escape from that "Sunway Lagoon", which is actually a kind of facilities brought over here to Malaysia, without being detected by Malaysia's radar. As time passed by, we came to realised that the US are studying how we are behaving mentally and physically when we are ourselves, but we are not!!

One day, we discovered an old TV with a tape-player. My friend played a tape, and out of a sudden, he became himself back again! A him that's 3 weeks ago!!! And he was teleported outside to the force shield. Amazed, I did the same thing and the same thing happened when I played a tape.

The 2 of us fled away fast, along with other captives. In that few following weeks, I formed my own army, to take down that facility. I trained my people well and we are well equiped, stole from Armoury of Malaysian Army. We hid well, and they never get to catch us.

6 months later, I command a batallion to take down the facility. I remembered that it was dark. Very dark that night. I ordered the Alpha Company to rush the facility and take down the guards outside. "Go go go!", I shouted. And, that's when I woke up.

WTF man!!!!! *sigh*


Ok. That's what I dreamt of today morning. If you did watch this episode of Stargate, you'll understand what I'm dreaming at. Of course, I don't dream of that because I watched Stargate last night. I watched it a few weeks back.

Next. I have my first meeting since I join this company. Well, actually, just 5 days. It's a training session and brainstorming session. I've learnt pretty much today.

First, people with Science background, always wanting to solve a problem before it arises while, Business people, "Don't solve the problem until it arises!". Well you can see, we Science people just like to anticipate results and problems, but just not Business people. They only see $$$.

And that is why, s0metimes, especially today, I think I had a hard time conveying my enquiries or questions to my boss(es), although claimed to be open minded. Oh ya they really did, but on anticipating part, they are kind of disagree with me. Never mind. I'll convert myself to Business people soon, I hope(of which I think I won't. I love being Science people!). Oh ya! Did I mention? Sometimes both of my bosses don't really agree with each other, but I support more of the elder boss because, my thinking is kind of similar to him, in a way.

Next up, cultures plays a different parts in this world. Really. My trainer today came from Netherlands. Of course, I like him. He's lovely man. Haha! Really. Just that sometimes, with the eyes of Europeans viewing on ASEAN countries, we people are much more conservative and you-know~

Ah... that's basically about today. Signing off.


Wai Loon Kwan said...

wow! your job.... very... professional

buttercup said...

swt.. you mean real professional or teasing?

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