Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bon Odori 2008

Went to Bon Odori 2008 yesterday in Shah Alam. Hmmmm, well, this time, I would say that some of the jap girls are more "ch'ng" already, compared to previous years. But of course, can't blame them at all. Just imagine that you'll have to pose and smile every 5 minutes you walk in that stadium, I would be tired too.

So, let's move on.

Bon Odori 2008

Jap boy playing

I don't really think this is a nice shot. Those guys there are smart. Damn big guns, and have the highest spot of the place and took everything. T_T

Father brought her daughter to the event: Tradition must be kept alive!

Yukina and friend


Just look at his gun

They were the most orange-st girls there

Took them again in the night

Peace. Young jap girls are more willing to take pictures

Dancing in the field

I bet these girls are bloggers too. And the guns they are holding are among the smallest. Just imagine how big others can be

Mid: Among the organiser

Look at the crowd! And this is less than 1/4 I'm showing you!

This one like wanna fight only

When you go to Bon Odori, you must dance. See how happy they are?

If I'm not mistaken, they are locals

These are japs

She's one of the flower girls. She's very sweet and down-to-earth

People selling horns around and it glows!

These few were actually wearing pyjamas =.=

See Wah and friends

See Wah and Hitokiri posing

Among the friends I met there

In conclusion, it's not bad actually. Just that I'm a bit disappointed that I'm unable to take nice pictures. Firstly, I can't zoom far enough. Secondly, my flash is too slow. Thirdly, I'm still not too used to this kind of events.

Must practice harder. Oh ya! Must see the videos below!

Petrol price hike in US

Malaysian Government vs The People

p/s: Lost another KG.

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