Saturday, June 14, 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

Hancock, anyone?


Yeap! I like Iceman. Why? Because he's cool. I mean, he's COOL~~

Well you see, there's this time Iceman was in Jawa and he tried to come over to Malaysia. On his ice of course. He started gliding like nobody's business. The sun was so bright up and melting his ice fast back in Jawa. Before he could reach Malaysia, the ice slide collapsed and hence, the minor tsunami.

He has to get smarter sometimes. He should be sued over this, rite?


Haha. Ok.. This is actually my participation in Nuffnang for a free screening for Hancock. I think my story kinda lame. But, it's my first time rite? No harm trying. Maybe I can cook more story next time. Haha! Join Nuffnang and maybe you can get to see Hancock in person.

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