Monday, June 09, 2008

Kim's Wedding And Great Grandma's Bday

Went back to Penang for my mom's sister's wedding and great grandmother's birthday! Initially, I thought of bringing my wife back to Penang just to have some fun but it turns out to be that, I'm the so-called "official photographer" as they do not hire any photographers.

It is my first time doing all these, and my first time in everything. It was so hard to cope that I thought I might failed. But true enough, some of the pictures are not really that good, I still have some good ones with me. So, let's starts with the wedding first.

My grandpa giving a speech at the wedding night

My grandma making an "O.K." pose

The aunties and praying ceremony

Kim the bride

I like this gown of hers

I think the weather is a bit too hot for her to smile. HahA!

Kim and her hubby in their new room

See how happy she is?

Sharon and Henry

L to R: Cherry, Mom, Sharon

And the wedding lasts for 2 days. Then we move on to the third day for my great grandma's birthday. Please don't ask me how old is her.. cause... I also don't know. All I know is that, she's close too 100. HahA!

We went to this restaurant called Restaurant Ocean. It is located at a rural area so I don't have much expectation in it BUT, I turned out to be so damn wrong. It's interior design is really superb and I think if I have the time and I can stay there, I can snap pictures for the whole day!

Buddha's head

Buddha's statue

Art on wall. Damn nice

Buddha's eyes



Felt like I'm in Hawaii

Bamboo vase

Birthday cake of great grandma. Notice the candle lotus

The great grand children

The candle lighted up, and opened itself. Then the birthday melody came along from it

Then we have our dishes.

Cold plate, of which is not so cold

Longetivity Bun - so sad only left 2 when I reached there to snap.. and eat. And ate only 1!!!

Shark fin soup

Herbal chic

"Lo Hon Zai"

Dunno what is this called


Longetivity Noodle

Bai Guo in pumpkin, with mashed yam. Damn nice!


Well, that's all for the updates! Haha! One thing damn sad can? Out of so many hundreds of people whom I've met, only 2 leng luis I spotted. What? You want pictures? Haha! For you to know, for me to see. = D

p/s: I took a total of amazing number of 1140 shots in 3 days!!! Godlike!


Më| §zë said...

shark fin eater!!! you know how cruel are the harvesting of shark fins...!


anyway, wish your great grandma to continue to have a long life and your aunt happiness...

buttercup said...

to be exact, it's crab fin. it's just CALLED shark fin that's all.

Më| §zë said...

lol... be more specific ma...

MyKy said...

Eating sharkfin is a way of life. Nothing wrong with that. Why be a hypocrite and kill the chickens? :p

Eh, can actually take photo of buddha statue wan ar? It's just ornamental ones is it?

buttercup said...


haha.. err.. it's just a display. LOL~ But i tot the real one also can take rite?

Më| §zë said...

chickens are so much easier to breed than sharks...
and most people only eat the sharks fins, and when the ppl cut off the sharks fins, they just dump the sharks back into the ocean, and the sharks drown cos it is their fin that helps keep them afloat...

kenny sorry for the debate in your blog

jiajen said...

wow! you took all that pictures?
all the pics looks really professional!
lol :)
take care!

buttercup said...

swt... and i know tht part. watched it in NG b4...

hey! didn't know that you visited! Thanks alot ya! haha!

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