Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sony Alpha Convention 2008

Since I had watched The Secret introduced by JC, it somehow changed my life. To a better life. For your information, I only got to found out about this convention not too long ago and guess what? It's closed for registration when I was about to register. I was frustrated. I was down. I sit back. Closed my eyes. I prayed that I will be given the chance to attend the Sony Alpha Convention 2008.

I emailed the person-in-charge, George Wong and talked to him about this. He can only promised me that he can try to work out something, but no guarantee. I said fine.

Today morning, woke up at 6, cleaned up myself and reached the hotel 7 something in the morning. A few staffs came by 8 something(the event actually starting at only 1030, I think the schedule is wrongly published in the net or I got crooked eyes). I asked them if I get a place. Same thing they said, not sure. I have not gave up just yet. Close to 10am, I met George in person and yeap! I got a place! WoooHooo~~

And here I am, given a pass to join the Sony Alpha Convention!

Now, let me share more and more things about the convention with you. Just stay with me.

This is the "insight" of a Sony Alpha DSLR

Took some pictures...

While waiting for it to start

This is part of the interior design of the "lecture hall", I love them all! Damn nice!

Eh, I spotted someone! Guess who he is!

We were then given a lunch break, fully sponsored by Sony Malaysia! Damn nice can? We ate at Latest Recipe in the hotel. Seriously, all damn exotic food, but damn high in cholestrol as well la. Let's have a closer look of some of the food we ate.

Sushi & Ham

Raw oysters(good for tenaga batin), sashimi & prawns

And many more! Really really a lot more. Chocolate fountain and bla bla bla

Feel like eating?

It's pOp that I met!!

Now, a bunch of mah lat louPHOTOGRAPHERS started to take out their DSLR and just keep on hitting the shutter like playing pinball. Flash guns flash like lightining none stop in the sky. Let's go closer to see what's happening.

What are them shooting?







And modelsbikes la. What else?

Happy Ending! Looking forward to Sony Alpha Convention 2009!

p/s 1: Seriously, if you're an Alpha user, please attend this kind of convention. You really learn a lot from the pros who are working in the field. It's not only about the modelsknowledge that is given to you, but as well as meeting new people, making new friends, and getting all the hard-earned-experience from people whom you meet.

p/s 2: Quoting from Grant Corban, one of the speaker for the convention, "You'll never regret buying a pro gear". I placed my orders and about RM 1,400.00 is going to fly away from my bank account. T.T ......... I never regret... T.T


Chuck said... trips oh..
how the food?

Wai Loon Kwan said...

wah... so easily fall by what grant conban said huh....

wah.... the food is damn bloody nice leh!!! looks better than what i had in shogun last time.... or maybe is your photography skills that had fooled me... haha

ButTeRcUp said...

food damn nice!

haha.. because what he say is what i want to hear, and what he said is true. so ma buy lo! LOL!

wah.. hope tht it's really my skill tht fooled you but, the food is seriously damn nice.

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