Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yeap. I had resigned. Nope, not that, but resigned as a translator. It's really taxing for me. Initially when I took up that job, I was thinking to kill some of my time. But it killed more than what it should be. Much more. Inclusive of my sleeping time, at times.

Never mind about that. I think I made a new friend today. Meet Amy (link 1 - link 2).

How do I get to know her? I was in the lift. The door opened. And suddenly a very very familiar face came into my eye. Well, I believe this is what the photographers' ability to recognise their subject good enough, in this case, the model.

I poked her softly at her shoulder and asked,

"Excuse me, are you the model who attended the Sony Alpha Workshop last week?"

At first, she got a shocked like WTH-why-you-poke-me-Who-are-you kind of look. Then she came to it.

"Oh ya. Yes. You're the Alpha user ar?".


We then exchanged number and got her msn to send her her pictures. And something you might not notice while reading this post.

Hmmm, what is it le? She lives just at my area =.= ... What a small world.


Now after resign, I can spend more time with my wife and Photoshop.


Esther said...

she lives in your area = got chance?? hehhe

wah.. join all these convention get to see lotsa leng lui-s

Chuck said...

leng lui or not?

buttercup said...

haha.. me not like tht le. I din even know the organiser arranged models for photoshooting. LOL.

hahaah... not bad la. you din see the links meh?

loon said...

hm.... kenny poked someone..

buttercup said...


hoplite said...

it seems like this fatty get to know lots of girls ever since i am not around. nevermind, u stil have 2 more months to enjoy...i dont mind if u bring girls like amy back to our condo (ask her to stay overnight also can while i am still here), take this golden opportunity la...looking forward to meet ur date when i am back...haha...

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