Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sony Alpha Basic Workshop October 2008

Attended Sony Alpha BASIC Workshop after buying the camera for almost six months. Although about 50% of stuffs I had self-discovered, I still managed to learn a lot today.

They also hired two models for us to shoot at. When the shooting sessions starts, 90% of the people went mad. They grabbed their newly bought camera and started to shoot at those people like hungry wolves trying to feed on cute little lamb. *Please see pictures below*

Sony also said that, we will have to submit one of our best, unedited picture to them to judge. And if we wins, we get to select one of the product from Sony Style. I don't know what is the thing that they are giving out for us to choose from, but, I think it's worth a try. So I tried to squeezed myself through the wolves. However, I failed. These are the best I can get.

Trying to shoot her in depression, but angle problem. (She's actually in pain when she pose until here, I don't know why she is in pain, but she keep on doing it. Very professional spirit!)

This is the one that I sent, unedited. Hope it makes me win something

Edited. Can see the difference ka?

Those pics just now are all zoom-ed. Just look at the crowds. How to shoot?

Those who don't get to go to the front, like this lor~

Me pulak shooting from the back at the photographers

I remembered during the class, a 50-plus-year-old uncle said to another participant: "Eh, you newly buy one ar? What kind of mode you like to use ar? Auto or Manual?"

B answered: "I'm still new, so I used Program mode lor~"

Uncle said proudly and pro-ly: "Oh. I like to shoot using manual"

After the shooting session, the class continues. That uncle asked: "Eh, can I know rite, in just now that session ar, what mode should I use?"

Now, if I had been taught well by my friends, all the pro will choose to use a Manual mode. Wait a minute, I thought that uncle was a pro? Bah, forget it.

Some people can't make their way to the front, they change subject

Some even depressed...
No, I was joking only. He was actually shooting buildings across the street

Now, 90% of the wolvespeople were still shooting at the moment. The 5% are girls, another 5% are guys like me. Cannot get to shoot ma go back sit lo~

I hope it's not a wrong move that I started my Alpha Journey. I just like it.

Quoted from one girl, I can't remember her name. "I don't talk about how much I love photography. I show my photos."


Wai Loon Kwan said...

wah! leng lui! nude leng lui in the first picture... omg... drooling... shit! i'm turning into wolve......................... **lick lick lick lick**

ya lo kenny why you din you submit pictures that is not the model?

you can capture your feelings about how you become the 5% ma... like err.... a picture with alot of photographer taking the models picture... or how you are being stranded because of the wolves... what la you... capture something out of the box ma...

but not like those who capture other buildings ah or those who capture other object la... that is considered "out of the world" d.. what is mean of out of box is "out of box but still in the world"... get it ah?

buttercup said...


haha.. to your first question, we can only submit one. so i must submit the best i got.

to your second question, got wat.. the depression one. LOL! he's part of the 5%!!!

buttercup said...

and and.. gorilla, the first girl isn't naked. It's what we called as skill.


loon said...

oh nvm la. you din get what i mean...

of course i know she is not naked la.. swt... if she is naked i straight away buy a dslr alr and start joining sony lo...

h0cmun said...

i think i like the first model shoot more than the one you submitted.
more emotion..

anyway i wish i can join one in the future. hehe.

Jun Xue said...

LOL I like wai loon's reply hahahha!

buttercup said...

Hey, thanks for visiting. Yeah the first shot seems to be good, but I actually cropped a few mm off the picture at the bottom.

According to the rules, I must not edit the picture, hence, I can't submit that picture lo. Sad... T_T

LOL! yeah.. sounds like the real wolf is here. LOL!

buttercup fansi said...

i like the girl...nx time ask me go plz...i got sony ericsson 2.0 megapixel..hahaah

Min Soon said...

I like this edited picture, Kenny.
It's like she is showing off her Malaysian BCG immunization scar... :D

Are you allowed to insert taglines in the photos submitted ?

P/S: Wailoon is righttt his picture concept idea of wolves and models is damn nice !

buttercup said...

what's a tagline?? hahaha!!

eh gorilla, you got your partner here already! LOL!

alvin said...

hey sony user.Cool the pretty "naked" gal.U have a nice shot.Leep it up dude

buttercup said...

hahaha.. thanks alvin

Min Soon said...

Tagline is just 'words' in the picture.

Nowadays a lot of popular pictures have word in it. This helps bring out the meaning of the photo, and sometimes add humor !


buttercup said...

oh ic ic. no. not at all. we can't. else, what you wanan put? lol..

Min Soon said...

Something corny yet romantic that touches the heart of many people like... for example in your picture you edited...

"If Beauty was a bow; a smile is its arrow."

It really brings out the meaning of the photo, right !? :D

Creative people always break the rules, why not try send one time with "tagline" ? If the picture with the words is damn nice I think they will approve ? xDD

buttercup said...

hahaha... yeawhyeawh,, i just have one problem, my photoshop ain't good enough!

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