Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hello? Who Are You Are?

It had been some time since I sms-ed this friend. And I am still getting some replies from time to time, in term of forwarded messages.

I woke up today morning, noticed that there was a missed call in my phone. I immediately called back about 0730 hours, thought of something urgent happened.

No one answered. So I left a message asking her why she called up so early in the morning. A few hours later, I received a message which reads like this: "who is this!!!", from the very same number I messaged everytime.


So I replied :"I'm Kenny Yeoh from STAR. Are you Forest(this is the nickname we gave her)?"

No reply again. That was about 0900 hours.

I called her. She picked up the phone.

"Hello, Forest ar?"

"He....llo?", she hung up. I thought my friend having class again.

"Hai r u busy", I received this message again from the very same number, making me more confused. It was about 1500 hours.

"Not really. Are you Forest actually?"

"Maybe I will message you again tonight"

"o.O? Okay...."

When I thought it ends....

It was 1900 hours.

"what are you doing now"


"Eating. You?"

No reply again.

Now, timed at 2300 hours, I received another one.

"are you sleep ready"

"No. See if you're replying. I got my fren's number d. So who are you? Perhaps you can introduce yourself so at leaset i know who you are."

Until now no reply yet. Can anyone out there tell me, WHAT IS SHE TRYING TO DO?


Wai Loon Kwan said...


soh ling zit??

the girl who can speak some japanese wan??

do i know her??

sinkeat said...

haha ... I know what she try to do !!
"kao" Kenny ... haha ...
But she really weird ler ...
will foward sms to u ... but stil will ask u who u are after she misscalled u ...
Kenny ... pikat her la ! muahaha XD

Chuck said...

ghost la

Samuel said...

I agree.. she wanna 'kao' you lol...



Min Soon said...

Definitely not Forest, your friend wouldn't respond in such a way.

From what I see, it indicates a stranger who seems to know you, but barely.

My guess is that her old phone was given to someone else, like her sister or brother.

Email the real Forest and you'll get your answer.

buttercup said...

Sook Ling, but yeah i din know she changed number. till yesterday, things happens. More to update tonight!

I don't even know who she is also. haha! maybe not my type of gal le? Or she older than me le?

haha.. that one won't la.

but she don't know who am i... unless... she really know who am I but I don't know who is she... *oh gowd!*

I've asked forest, she terminated the number liao. so the one who's having the number definitely someone else. But yeah, same like what you think, i think she somehow knows me but not that much.

gypsy-on-the-move said...

she is trying to mess with your brain into having sex with her. Wuahahahahhahahahahahah!!!!

buttercup said...


hahahahaha! I'm not that cincai one. she din tell who she is also.

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