Saturday, October 25, 2008


Disclaimer: You might as well find this post very boring. If you do feel so, kindl navigate to other links for this time and come back again tomorrow night or Monday night.

Well, actually nothing much to say today. Just posting for fun. You might find some of the things here very very abstract. You might find some is totally a mess. I just want to post something today. Hahahahahah!

p/s: Watched Bangkok Dangerous, rate it 5/10 and The Coffin (if compared to The Eye) I rate it 2/10. Not scary also. Booooh~


Samuel said...


haha :D

buttercup said...

LOL.. yeah. i know this post is darn lame. no nice pic also. haha.. for the sake of posting (out of a sudden)$. hahaha..

loon said...


when got leng lui only wake me up ya. thanks

Hurley said...

is that the zoom effect which taking photo? Btw, one of the cloud pics are good....keep it up!

buttercup said...


ok. i will. i will POKE you up. hahah..

yeah. it is. but your hand need to be very stable to do that. and as you can see, my hand just isn't stable enough too. lol.

loon said...

oh when i'm awake i will look at you like getting a shocked like WTH-why-you-poke-me-Who-are-you kind of look and ask....

"Oh ya. Yes. You're the Alpha user ar?".

buttercup said...


how am i going to reply to this? hahha!

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