Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's Just Buttercup's Lucky Day!

Well, it was initially not my plan to follow my fellow friends to go to 1 Utama. But since there are going and I got a free lift, so, why not?

"Eh, what show you all watching ar?"

"Superman Returns."

"What? Superman Returns? I saw that already... Aiyo... How le?" (FYI, I already in 1 U)

"Dunno wo... How how?"

"Here got bowling center ar?"

"Oh ya.. There's one just right beside GSC."

Ok.. Problem solved... It was around 3pm when I reach the bowling alley as I'm looked at their backs, 10 of them all together, stepping into GSC Gold Class, leaving me, lonely at the back.. Sob Sob. Haha!

Well, I went to the counter, paid the money, for 5 games which cost me around RM19.50? That's consider cheap already compared to other places. It was really a slow game even though I'm playing alone. To kill the time. Superman lasts 2.5 hours. Damn.. Why is it so long?

I really had a hard time killing the time and play real slow. It was like one roll for every 3 to 4 minutes? A really slow game. I keep on talking to people beside my lane. Luckily they didn't take me as a "funny-guy". Later, there came one guy.

"Hi there! Do you mind if I take the lane beside you? I'm playing alone too!"

"Oh sure! No problem!"
(At this stage I was like, errr, how come got people wanna join me ar?)
He went to get the lane opened. We had a good chat while we were playing.

"Where do you come from?"

"Oh, I from Korea. South Korea."

"Ohhhhh... No wonder-lah... I can hear some slang there! Why are you here and what are you doing here in Malaysia?"

"Oh I'm currently working as a manager here. I am here since 4 years ago."

"Waaa... You said you are working as a manager rite? Where ar?"

"Here." (Something flashed back in my mind. "Oh I'm currently working as a manager here. I am here since 4 years ago." , remember this?)

I was stunted for a while.

"Haha!! Really? You din tell also I dunno le!"

The chatting went on until my last game, almost ending already.

"You wanna add some more games?"

"Never mind. It's ok. I'll just wait my friends to come out from the cinema." (Sadly, looking at my watch, it's only 5pm. 30 more minutes to go... Die!!! What am I gonna do? Pocket empty already some more!)

Without me realising , (really, I'm not lying!!!) he said something to a worker nearby and said to me:

"While waiting for your friends, come play a few more games as exercise. Rather than you standing there doing nothing."

"ARrrrr.. Thank you so much Mr. Justin! Thanks alot."

It was nice to be with him. Of course nice le got free game.. Haha... But that's not the main thing. He taught me some techniques on how to control my rolling to be more stable. And I really gained alot from him!

Finally, the game ends.

"Do you have a name card Mr Justin?"

"Oh yes", while he passing it over to me, "Please do call me during your next visits. I'll give you special discount besides than the student's rate!"

Oh.. I'm so touched! I never knew that someone who I just met a moment ago offering me all this!!! I thank and thank him before I left. He is indeed such an interesting guy. He's a ITF black belt holder, 2nd Dan. He sent his sons to Chinese primary school to study!

Man... Now I'm eager and longing and hoping and ...... to go there again. Hehe! Wanna special discout? Bring me there along ya! Hehe...


LW said...

OMG, u play bowling oso can rip off cheap rates arr?? 1 U's bowling going to close liao lar..

buttercup said...

blek... you jealous ar? haha...

ian said...

1. Edgar is going to Georgia,US.

2. The Korean guy may ask a few "favors" the next time you visit. watch your ass, buddy. hahahaha!~

buttercup said...

united states... ic ic.. haha... hey.. if it is so, then i'll bring u along.. i think he prefer tall guy's ass. lol! good luck ian!

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